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Posted By Rhino on 09/22/06 - Bookmark Skank Bomb
Girls Gone Wild Daytona Girls Gone Wild Daytona

Girls Gone Wild Daytona

So its 2 am and if your like half of America and cant sleep at night and the only thing on tv is all those paid programs like the magic bullet or girls gone wild and you have no choice but to watch them right. I mean its okay if its your first time watching them but fuck I have most of those fuckers memorized.

So any way you start to watch them and then all of a sudden bam there it is one for Girls Gone Wild At Daytona Beach, and I am like what the fuck I thought they only did those during spring break. Well guess what I was wrong I guess there is all kinds of crazy shit happening all the time at Daytona beach.

There are so many drunk horny bitches there all the time that the guy at girlsgonewild.com had to give it its own site and of course you that he no choice but to call that motherfucker daytonabeach.girlsgonewild.com. Its the perfect site to see girls like Kayden and Paris, who got so drunk at the local club and thought it would be cool to come out on girls gone wild at Daytona beach. So if have to cant sleep and have nothing to do but to watch those paid programs then check it, its the shit.

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Posted By Rhino on 09/22/06 - Bookmark Skank Bomb
College FuckFest

Guys, we have all gone to some college party where we see all kinds of drunk crazy bitches and thought we were going to see a college fuckfest. How many time have you guys gone to a party and actually brought the drunk bitch home or even better actualy fucked that bitch at the party just like the guy in the pic.

The only site on the net that actually goes out to college parties and gets real college girls to fuck on a video is collegefuckfest.com. So just remember next time your a college party and plan to drink you never know where and who you will end up in bed with, shit you might end up on collegefuckfest.com.

Booze+College Girls= Collegefuckfest.com, with out a doubt. So you if cant make it to the next party dont worry about it just log on to collegefuckfest.com and check it out.

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Posted By Rhino on 09/14/06 - Bookmark Skank Bomb
Car Show Cuties

Ah yes my favorite part of the car show, the Bikini contest. Now come on guys we know why we go to these carshows, I mean sure we like to see fast cars but the real reason is to see the car show cuties.

Man theres nothing like seeing young hot girls walking around in short skirts and small tops acting like they know something about the cars they are seeing. These bitches are there for one reason only and that is to find a guy they can hook up with later on that day. Dont beileve me just check out carshowcuties.com the only site that gives you access to the hottest car show cuties ever cought on camera.

Sign up now to car show cuties and get access to over 100 gigs of porn, thats a shit load of raw and uncut fucking.


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Posted By Rhino on 08/16/06 - Bookmark Skank Bomb
Party Hardcore

What happens when drunk girls decide to party hardcore? They end up giving their stripper a handjob. Then a blowjob and finally if the strippers lucky (and the girls are hot) they fuck em!

Welcome to the wonderful world of PartyHardcore.com. A website so shocking the local authorities threw the owners in jail! But there is nothing illegal going on here, just consenting adults having sex when they are supposed to be saving themselves for their soon-to-be-married parters!

This site takes the CFNM niche (Clothed Females, Nakes Males) a step further and you get to see hot babes get so hot they can’t control themselves and end up fucking the male dancers. It is outrageous! Pretty much every guys dream fantasy come true.

If you are like me, you don’t have this kind of body or nerve, so let your inhibitions flee while you get to pretend it is you receiving all of this horny, slutty female attention. Why not? You deserve this.

Each event at Party Hardcore has upwards of 170 crystal clear pics and another 30 to 40 video clips. They break the huge videos down so you can watch some while downloading others, no need to wait!

You have to check this shit out, there is NOTHING like it in the world!

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Posted By Rhino on 07/28/06 - Bookmark Skank Bomb
Beach Club Cuties

Holy shit am I seeing double? These two cuties are Nicole and Jeniffer and if you cant tell they are twins, identicle at that. I found the twins on a site called beachclubcuties.com.

Beach club cuties.com is only site on the net that brings you real girls getting drunk, naked and fucked at real beaches all around the world. That is the shit right there, I dont know many sites that give you 100 % every day girls getting raw and uncut right in front of you.

The best part of beachclubcuties.com is that its like going the river or taking a trip to Cancun, Mexico but even better. Your probably saying "your so full of shit" how is beach club cuties.com better then actualy seeing these bitches live.

Well fuck thats easy….a trip to the river or Cancun will run you a couple of hundred dollars and if your a pimp, playa , hustla like my bro Jay then that might run you a couple grand cuz thats just how he rolls, shit its no big deal to him but to me thats my rent money. So why not just sign up to beach club cuties for less then a 1 dollar a day and watch these hoes from the privacy of your own home and still have money left to do what you like.

Find More Beach Club Cuties!

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Posted By Rhino on 07/25/06 - Bookmark Skank Bomb
drunk on camera drunk on camera

We have all gone out to a party or club and seen hot girls drunk, and thought to our selfs "fuck I wish I had a camera to film this bitch". Well I got some good news for all of you guys who enjoy every day girls that you actually might know getting hammered and cought on tape doing some crazy shit.

Some one finally got that camera and went to mardi gras, night clubs, car and bike shows, spring break hot spots and your regular everyday house party pretty much any where you get alcohol and bitches together and made a site out of those drunk bitches. Drunkoncamera.com brings you the girls that take off there tops for beeds, the girls making out and then they even catch girls licking girls nipples.

So if your ready for all the drunk girls out there exposing it all then you need to check out drunk on camera.com, shit they update everyday so you get loads of new drunk whores daily.

Find More Drunk On Camera !

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Posted By Rhino on 07/23/06 - Bookmark Skank Bomb
Real College Porn

Springbreak, that time honored tradition where young college girls get drunk, show tits and ass, fuck like bunnies and bring a camera along to record the whole fiasco! Who doesn’t love tradition?

Fuck how I wouldn’t mind bagging this blue eyed wonder girl. That hint of pink bra brings a boner to my pants. Don’t forget that she is drunk and looking to have fun so the likelihood of one or more guys seeing her without that pink bra is 110%! I like those odds!

At RealCollegePorn.com you can get updates on Springbreak and college parties in a photographic and videographic sort of way. Who cares about the behind the scenes drama and stories before and after the nudity, we want Real College Porn dammit!

This site has it all, couples fucking, smoking hot chicks kissing, babes in various stages of undress, candid beach photos, flashing, wet t-shirt contests, thongs, bisexual teens and girls masturbating, all in one place.

Sure, RealCollegePorn.com looks a bit raw. Almost like you or I did it instead of a designer. But, that is exactly why you need a membership, this is OUR porn, man!

Find More Real College Porn!

Posted By Rhino on 07/19/06 - Bookmark Skank Bomb
College Wild Parties Etiquette

College Wild Parties Etiquette – First, scope out some skank from the cheerleading squad and get her fucked up drunk. If she isn’t drinking fast enough you may need to illicit help from a friend (doesn’t have to be a trusted friend). One of you can feed her beer while the other is pouring another round.

Next, after she is exhibiting signs of having a good buzz, you and your untrustworthy buddy should lift up her skirt and show off her ass to the rest of the team. If she isn’t having fun, add more beer. If she is having fun, encourage her to flash her boobs (remember the camera, extra film and batteries).

Finally when she is fuckered and has no idea what she is doing, you and your buddy should tag team her. One of you should always keep a cock in play. That meens if you are tagging out, you should leave your cock in her orifice until your buddy is firmly seated into another orifice.

Variations to these rules would be that both you and your buddy can each fuck an orifice at the same time or even share the same orifice. She might whimper a bit, but who really gives a fuck? You and your buddy can also share her with other members of the team or other drunk cheerleaders.

If you are having trouble remembering these rules of college wild party engagement, you can login to CollegeWildParties.com and view the massive amount of video data they have on the subject. While you are there you can use your same password to study the art of Double Penetration at HerFirstDP.com or get coaching help at FirstTimeSwallows.com. Should you need to poke her pooper during a tag teaming session you can get those video updates via HerFirstAnalSex.com.

Lets face it kids, the rules are always changing with the times and it is important to study so you can always be on your toes. This network password is the only password you will ever need!

Find More College Wild Parties!

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Posted By Rhino on 07/18/06 - Bookmark Skank Bomb
Girls Gone Wild Giovanna Girls Gone Wild Venessa

Girls Gone Wild

I guess I must be getting older because the last time I saw a GGW video it was following girls during springbreak and not a lot happened sexually. In this Girls Gone Wild video Giovanna and Vanessa drive eathother nutty with a dildo. It is safe to say I like the new GirlsGoneWild.com better than I liked the As Seen On TV version!

Now that the people at Girls Gone Wild are making an Internet presense for themselves they have stepped it up quite a bit. Not a bad thing at all, I like it a lot. The chicks get freakier and you have to wonder now more than ever what happens when these skanks get back to college life?

Or you can just not give a fuck about their post GGW lives and focus on what is infront of you. Hundreds of horny drunk skanks wanting to have fun even if it means making an ass out of themselves. Speaking of ass, these bitches have some of the finest home grown asses I have ever seen this side of the Mississippi!

GirlsGoneWild.com is the best of both worlds. You still get the videos but it costs a shitload less since you get them all for the monthly price and you get access to a shitload of the springbreak sites, plus you get access to Doggy Style (Snoop Doggs pornsite!)… It is like dieing Muslim style, wall to wall bitches waiting for you in the afterlife! Only you don’t have to die, you just have to buy a fucking membership!

No more annoying as fuck phone operators! This shit rocks!

Find More Girls Gone Wild!

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Posted By Rhino on 06/27/06 - Bookmark Skank Bomb
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Posted By Rhino on 06/26/06 - Bookmark Skank Bomb
Nicole Kidman

So I heard that Nicole Kidman was getting married this weekend, I think thats the worst thing she could have done besides the movie she did with her gay ex husband. I believe it was called eyes wide shut, in that movie she is a little freak if you ask me.

I guess she made up for when we seen her naked again in cold mountain, its no biggie, Mr.Skin.com has all her movies and did you know that 12 out of 17 movies she has come out on has her nude in at least one see.

Where else can you find 12 movies of NicoleKidman where she comes out nude and fucking the shit out of someone. Well I guess it cant be that bad after all she did get married to that tom cruise.

Find More Nicole Kidman!


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Posted By Rhino on 06/16/06 - Bookmark Skank Bomb
Paris Hiton

Thats Hot, the famous two words that Paris Hilton is know for. Paris is a heiress to a shit load of money when daddy eventually dies but untill then she is doing alright on her own. She is already a big reality tv star, and I don’t mean for her show called simple life tha Mr.skin.com has. The first season of the simple life was by far the best so far the second season was just shitty.

The reason she is a huge reality tv star is because she decided to fuck some guy and let him recorded it. Thank god she was not born with a brain cuz if she was then we would not have 1 night in paris. She goes to town on this guy who i dont know and dont care cuz he is a guy. Mr skin has the full length DVD of Paris just going at it with this dude in some hotel.

The best part is that Paris feels like she even has the talent to sing she now has a song called Stars are blind, this shit is so corny that its even worse then the shit her best friend Lindsay Lohan put out when she first came out. So Paris if you stick to acting and I dont mean in movies or network televison you can some day be like pamela anderson who blew up after her video, and me a household name.

Find More Paris Hilton!

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Posted By Rhino on 06/13/06 - Bookmark Skank Bomb

Halle Berry

Charlize Theron

Kristin Davis

Natalie Portman

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Posted By Rhino on 06/13/06 - Bookmark Skank Bomb
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Posted By Rhino on 06/13/06 - Bookmark Skank Bomb
Anna Nicole Smith

Guess who is back? Thats right its Anna Nicole Smith. I was up late last night playing some poker and watching some vh1, I was watching that crazy web show you know the one that shows you the crazy shit they find on the net and then make fun of it. Well any way Anna just happen to come out on it I guess she has this clip where she is in a pool saying that she is pregnant and we can watch her progress for a price.

I am thinking why the hell would would I pay to see her get fat again. I remmember before she blew up the first time how hot she was in Playboy, and even in that piece of shit movie skyscraper. All these can be found on Mr.Skin.com so why would waste my money on watching her eat like a fat cow when for the same amount I can see her in her prime.

This bitch must gone lost her mind, she already made money off her fat phase we all remmember the Anna nicole show that was just some funny ass shit. All she ever did was eat and look like a horses ass. So dont waste your money on watching her eat some hamburger when you can watch her in her prime eat some fat dick instead.

Find More Anna Nicole Smith!

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