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Legal? I am not a fucking lawyer so don’t ask me about the legalities of this site. The girls are all of age and supposedly they consented when their boyfriends sent in their candid big tits photos and sex tapes. If Paris Hilton is legal I guess this must be too!

In the episode here a hot chesty blonde babe is changing in the bathroom and apparently doesn’t know we are watching. God, how I wanted to do this back when I was a kid. Now I can and so can you!

GF Melons is more than just voyeur videos though.

GF Melons is loaded with big tits self shot pics, candid beach photos and a whole lot more. Everything is 100% real amateur content with daily updates. There is always something new and exclusive to gawk at.

Plus, big natural tits isn’t the only thing has to offer you. They also have a fake tits section, a small tits section and a place to hang out. No more being alone in your tits obsession. You can even follow other members and contributors hopping along across their favorites or make a trail of your own favorite big tits for someone else to follow.

There are no digital rights management at GF Melons so everything you download is yours to keep forever. Billing is anonymous so there is nothing adult on your statement. Canceling can be done online so no embarrassing phone calls to make.

After experiencing GF Melons you are going to love the Internet!

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Dogging. A British term for having sex in public. Often it entails swinging, group sex, gang bangs, exhibitionism (obviously) and a voyeuristic streak. Most couples that start out monogamous end up swinging by their third or fourth time. Pretty kinky!

Who better to expose the craze than You might as well be getting it from the source. The French Alps bring you drinkable water and these guys bring you something else entirely that you can drink.

At British Doggers, dogging can be a spectator sport or one big party if you want to join in… because, you can literally join in! Members are treated to a large collection of dogging videos you can download. In the members forum you can hook up with other doggers and have a shag party in the forest!

This post has been yet another post inspired by the search bar to the right. When you search for something like dogging and cannot find it I am alerted and I write about it. So keep the requests coming and grab your pass to One of the UK’s craziest exhibition/voyeur sites, British Doggers!

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Woo hoo!

Why is it that guys get all excited when two chicks have a go at it? Oh… I know! Because chicks like to pull each others clothes off and when they are wearing skirts you get to see everything!

Babes Fight video tapes a new match between two or more girls on a weekly basis. Usually the girls wear outfits meant to reveal a lot. Like a miniskirt paired with a g-string.

Many of the fights include oil wrestling. Who doesn’t like watching two slithery bodies rubbing on one another? Shit, I even get excited when I see a girl sucker punch the other one. It is like, “OH SHIT! Did that just happen?”

There are hundreds of movies and most have pics so you can pause the action without everything going grainy on you.

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When porn first hit the Internet it was primarily print media like Playboy scanned into the computer. Which meant everything was polished. Then the Reality Kings changed things up with quasi-reality sites like Cum Fiesta, MILF Hunter and Big Naturals. But things still weren’t amateur enough. Most of the sites used scripts to simulate amateur situations.

Now with See My Wife the Reality Kings have finally went pure amateur. You won’t find this kind of quality on other amateur sites because the Reality Kings have deep enough pockets to ensure they lock in the exclusive rights to some of America’s hottest wives and ex-girlfriends.

The categories vary widely. Everything from the masturbation videos to sperm swallowing categories are filled with never before seen content. There are literally tens of thousands of candid pics. Many of them are in a series so you can get to know the girls better than sites with just a single pic.

Want to make some cash on your own home videos and candid pics? They pay up to $500 for a picture series and $1000 for a usable video. In these hard times you might have found a way to make your next mortgage payment!

See My Wife is putting reality back into reality porn!

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Today’s skank is brought to you by Broke Amateurs. Home of the best POV, truly amateur porn on the planet. At Broke Amateurs they don’t use contract porn stars to play the role of the skank. They use real amateurs looking to make some cold hard cash.

The guys at put an ad in Los Angeles singles magazines about getting paid by getting laid. Instead of hitting up agents and paying top dollar for some big name star they let the girls come to them.

One of the bonuses with this particular arrangement is that they are willing to do anything, and I mean anything, to get that cash. Things they won’t do for their boyfriend or in some cases, their husbands! Things like anal, ass to mouth, gagging, facials, money shots, etc.

The majority of the content is shot POV style. The girls start out nervous as this is their first time on video. As time goes on they get into it like a drunken sailor and pretty soon they are willing to try deep throating for their first time ever.

If you are tired of the cookie-cutter bullshit everyone else is doing Broke Amateurs will feel like a breath of fresh air.

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WLTogether-Molly-and-Kendra is another Reality Kings Production. We Live Together is about female roommates that love everything about pussy and the gorgeous women attached to them. For all us guys and women who get excited about hot lesbian action. The high quality videos and pics on We Live Together will get you guys rock hard and you horny lesbian women and your sweet tight pussies will get so moist and wet.

In the picture clip above a stir fry is always a good way to get things cooking in a hot girls panties. Molly knows this, so when Kendra came to hang out, it was sushi and stir fry time. Of course Mollys big, ole titties played a part in getting things up to speed, but that is a given. If Molly is around, we get hot lesbian sex for sure.

Food led to wet pussies as the hot lesbians got in the hot tub and started lapping each others pussies. Molly never fails to arouse and Kendra is a fucking firecracker. It was exciting. I sure did enjoy all the hot lesbians here on

For a only $4.95 for the 3 day trial, you can get access to a Reality Kings network of over 23 sites. Each of them has movies in different niches shot just for those sites.

Niches include sites like Pure18, 8th Street Latinas, Milf Next Door, Extreme Naturals, and many more. With so many sites having fresh updates every single day you will have a lot of material to view on a daily basis.

So check out the steamy lesbian scenes on the We Live Together tour and and preview the hot lesbian babes for yourself. You won’t be disappointed.

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Now that is what I call a job done right. Mr Big Dicks Hot Chicks is a pretty self explanatory site name. A guy with a big cock goes out and fucks skanks into big cocks that he finds out on the street.

Don’t get me wrong. When I say skank I don’t mean an ugly slut with the face of a horse. I mean she is a hot babe with a nice set of ta-tas. But, she would fuck just about anything with a dick after consuming enough liquor.

As with most of the sites in the Reality Pass Plus network Mr Big Dicks Hot Chicks updates weekly. The entire network features 21 sites with one password. Not some bullshit add-on feeder content sites. We are talking about hardcore sites with exclusive content. Sites like, Please Bang My Wife, MILFs in Heat, Bare Foot Maniacs, Big Cock Teen Addiction, I Spy Camel Toe, Teeny Bopper Club, Tiny’s Black Adventures, Mr Chews Asian Beaver and more!

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It is all happening at Rebecca‘s party. The best Hard Core Partying of the year! Everyone heard that Rebecca was bringing all her drinking girl friends so grabbed their cameras and rolled on out. Many of these drunk chicks had nice big boobs and really liked showing them off. met some crazy party goers at Rebecca‘s and everyone wanted to grab some of those drunk chicks to suck their dick. But those guys had to wait in line behind They felt so bad having the attention of all the hot drunk chicks who wanted to be on camera giving head only to the company staff. But oh well the pics and videos are totally needed for the Hard Core Partying members.

It was pretty amazing their boyfriends who normally fuck them did not even mind them sucking other guy’s dicks. That is what happens when you mix alcohol with some young college students will usually make every thing very frisky! Like the girl on girl action at the party can get hot and steamy as well.

For a measly $1 you can get a 3 day Hard Core Partying trial membership to see the high quality crystal clear drunk chick party action at Rebecca‘s house and more.

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Let’s go to another College Fuck Fest banging Party! Another soaked sofa destroyed with beer, pussy juice and loads of cum. Another satisfied group of drunk chicks! Like the one Mikey drilled. He pounded this feisty redhead’s tight pink box like it was the last pussy he was ever going to get!

Hands down one of the hottest College Fuck Fest Party encounters that ever witnessed. During all the debauchery that College Fuck Fest is known to cover, will make public and video taped of this hot redhead who loved every minute of the action in front of a bunch of horny drunken chicks and party dudes. And before long, had this guy Mikey’s cock lava exploding like a volcano! Hey. We need a mop over here! College Fuck Fest is going to be their to get all the drunk chicks party action on video for all their members.

So for all you guys who imagined having a party get so crazy out of control like the ones catches on tape. Come in and take the tour and let your wildest thoughts run rampant. At the original and still best party site on the internet.

And for about a $1 a day the membership will give you unlimited bonus access to all 20+ other fully exclusive sites! It just doesn’t get better than that! Except College Fuck Fest will give us a chance to try out this awesome party site for 1 day for $1. Come on in Lets Party with all our drunk chicks.

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I have found my dream home and I actually found it on a site called

Who doesn’t love going to the beach during the summer? Now imagine staying there in some pimped out house that is guaranteed to get you laid. That is right this is not your mom and dad’s beach house it’s the ultimate party house. They have XXX fun at these houses. They have houses in St. Martin, South Beach and even Cancun.

Imagine the pussy you would get if you lived in one of the Nude Beach Houses. Just take a look at the picture above, that is just a normal day at one of the houses. When was the last time you had this happen at your house? Never right, that’s what I thought.

The cool thing about is you get all the action of house with having to make the mortgage payment. For only 1 dollar a day you get to see the same hot beach whores you would see if you owned the house. There is also a bigger advantage to joining and that is that you get access to 14 other sites for free when you become a member.

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Ah to be young and stupid again. Dee is one of those girls that does things and doesn’t think them out, sure she just turned 18 but that is not an excuse.

Take her picture for example, some might think its just a picture of her flashing her tits. Well its more then just that, it is one out of a set that she shot for

They over heard Dee talking to her friend on her cell phone about some crazy party she went to last night and how she ended stripping at it. Right away the guys at Public Flash knew that she would be perfect for their site.

Now you can find pictures of her showing off her tits and ass in public where it is not allowed. has more the just photos of girls flashing they also have exclusive video of them.

So if you enjoy watching 100% amateur girls showing off their good in public then you are going to want to join Public Flash today.

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Every skank and ever slut gets their start somewhere. One such place where they hone their craft is This site goes out into the city in search of bitches on their last dollar looking to make more money any way they can.

Being a hooker is the world’s oldest profession and these girls take hooking to a whole new level. That is partially because they still have all of their teeth and are actually quite attractive looking. So instead of just getting paid to get laid they might even get a place to stay for the night as well.

In the Exploited Teens Kelly videos above you get to see the pickup, the offer and the consummation of the deal. Kelly is a real fucking gem! Her small tits go perfectly with her shaved beaver to excite the pervert in all of us. Just look how fucking tight that cunt of hers is!

More and than a porn site, Exploited Teens gives you access to an entire network of hardcore reality porn. No need to go back to college and pay those high fees to see 18 years old pussy again. Just logon with your password to Exploited Teens!

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I am a pervert. I got my start in perversion at an early age. My mom would always take me to the beach during the summer. Every single day. If we weren’t at the beach we went to a community pool. Needless to say, there were always babes in bikinis around.

My perverted thoughts started one day when I was at the beach and a girl got out of the water and walked past me. Her bathing suit went see-through and I got my first glance at a naked vagina. Well, a naked vagina capable of growing hair. I had taken baths earlier with girls, but back then it didn’t click. On that day at the beach it all clicked for me.

In addition to her vagina I got to see her nipples. Her tits were perfect and her nipples were placed perfectly in the center of them. I just froze there trying to record everything I was seeing in my mind. She smiled as she walked by. Probably realizing she just because this little boys fantasy. The mold by which I would compare all future prospects by.

She laid down on her towel not far from me and once lying down she couldn’t see me anymore. Her legs were slightly parted and her pussy was just sitting there smiling back at me. Until her bathing suit dried and it went opaque again.

I will probably never see my first crush again, but The Candid Place is full of other babes in bikinis to act as stand-ins.

One of the most beautiful aspects of candid photography is that you never know what will turn up. At The Candid Place you don’t get just one collection, you get contributions from both professional and personal collections dating from the beginning of the bikini to today’s butt floss thongs.

There are three updates a week and over 13,000 true candid pics already in the archives. I say true candid because these are not pics from around the Internet. These are people private masturbation food let out into the wild.

Take the tour and view all of the free The Candid Place pics. With all of the rain, ice and snow falling this time of year it will be a nice vacation of the mind!

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Some call it a catfight or cat fighting and others call it two naked chicks wrestling, but the people at call it Ultimate Surrender and I have to say, it is the ultimate turn on.

We always wondered what when on behind closed doors when two hot babes hit each other with pillows wearing only their bras and panties. Now we get to see then battle it out in bikinis with high def videos!


Matches can take anywhere from 10 minutes with a total submission to as long as an hour! The winner fucks the loser in ways only could dream up.

There are over 260 videos and picture sets of the lesbian catfight matches at Ultimate Surrender. The people at do not skimp on quality. You will see every nook and cranny of these girls. With video formats in 1280×720 @ 3125k you can watch this on your HDTV!

Fans of lesbian women, chicks wrestling, bikini babes and FemDom will find Ultimate Surrender to be the Ultimate lesbian catfight site!

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CheerleaderAuditions-Maddy called their cameraman down to this college where cheerleader auditions were being held. The jerk came late, but there was still a lingering cheerleader that Cheerleader Auditions wanted to check out. Maddy is one sweet ass blondie cheer leader that was still practicing. We went to check her moves out, and told her that we are were recruiting for an ADULT Cheerleading squad! Maddy was totally in favor of it, and guess what. She asked if she could show us her pussy flexibility during the tryouts. Cheerleader Auditions had no objections. This involved her legs behind her neck, balls deep in her shaved pussy, and some tongue lashing cock sucking skills! Oh man, Maddy officially made the squad!

Come watch what these cheerleaders do to our spirit sticks on the on the Cheerleader Auditions Tour. We will totally score with these cheerleaders and get a lot of that tasty tender cheerleader snatch.

For just $1 you will get  a 3 day trial membership and have as much time as you need to go through as many of these hot cheerleaders hardcore skills. Enjoy all their high energy spirit you will not be disappointed.

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