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So here is the thing… just last week this little cutie was America’s sweetheart. The shining star of Nashville. She had her whole life ahead of her and it certainly didn’t include being a porn whore. But then things went terribly wrong.

Answering an online ad for models she ended up thousands of miles from home searching for stardom and some cold hard cash. She got the cash, but the stardom still eludes her. Not to mention she is no longer enjoying her good-girl reputation she had in her hometown in Tennessee.

That is how things go at Girls Do Porn. A site that brings girls to coastal cities to enjoy some fun in the sun and then tricks them out into the skankiest sluts in porn.

For several thousands bucks this little cum whore went outside of herself, forgot her entire Christian upbringing and swallowed a cock all the way down her throat until you could see it pushing on her her Adam’s apple. How she doesn’t toss her cookies with that fat cock throating her pretty little mouth I’ll never know. One thing that is for sure is you won’t get ass raped like she did while joining this site.

Sign up with this Girls Do Porn discount for 51% in savings on the first 30 days. Stay a member and you get billed at the regular price, which is plenty worth it. But you can always cancel anytime during the 30 days and enjoy your membership without worrying about rebills.

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BDSM needle insertions BDSM Pussy lip weights

When it comes to kink and hardcore BDSM you won’t find a better subject than the sultry slave girl Callmepainx. She is willing to go to extreme lengths to please you, her master. Order this sexy skank slut to do things to herself in ways that ensure she is being honest about her desire to make you the happiest master in the world. She will stop at nothing to appease you!

You might be thinking this girl is a one of a kind. The reality of it is that she is just one of the many girls waiting to experience pleasure through the pain you will inflict on them. Bondage Cams are a perfect way to get your mind dirty without getting your hands dirty. You can be an up-standing member of mainstream society during the day and then switching into a hardcore kink slave master by night.

Let your mind run wild as women from all over the world do things for you on their live BDSM cams. You might find a side of yourself you never knew existed!

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In many ways Kaylie is a typical college coed. She struggles to make ends meet and spends way too much money on partying. One thing that sets Kaylie apart from the other girls is that she found a unique way to replenish the beer fund!

Watch the Kaylie Backroom Casting Couch video and see how this hungry student satisfies her hunger for cock juice. You won’t believe just how far her and other coeds will go to make a quick buck!

The Backroom Casting Couch is updated on a weekly basis. All of the videos are encoded to play on a variety of video playback devices like iPads, iPods, cell phones, computers and more!

This site is about as real as it gets. Check out the angry mom storming the Backroom Casting Couch office!

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This is one of the youngest looking chicks you will see on the net, not sure that she is really skanky, but without worrying about getting a knock on your door for looking at a chick this young is pretty skanky.  Angie Cutie is so young looking that most porn providers have dropped her and her current provider has made her provide two identifications to verify her age, WHICH SHE GLADLY DID BECAUSE SHE NEEDS THE CASH.

So with that little piece of information please enjoy what Angie Cutie has to show you, you can let your inner creeper out for a minute and relax she is confirmed 18.  Just remember to put him back, nobody likes a creeper, not even other creepers.  Are creepers skanky, I think so.

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One look at Chrissy from GirlsDoPorn and my cock is ready to fuck the shit out of her! She looks like the type of girl that enjoys getting hit from behind while you pull on that gorgeous mane of hair. And those dick sucking lips… Don’t even get me started on the DSL factor!

GirlsDoPorn shoots real college girls, not porn stars. That means you get to see girls you’ve never seen before. Hey, even I have my favorites when it comes to the professional-fuckers, but, for the most part, I prefer variety!

The GirlsDoPorn videos are shot in HD and include the good shit like POV blowjobs! Looking through the members area is like scanning a college classroom. So many girls to choose from!

The site adds a new girl each and every week and has been online for almost five years. Just to make the deal sweeter, we’ve added a major bonus. Or make that, we’ve taken away a major hurdle. Get all of the episodes past and present with a Girls Do Porn discount for 50% off here!

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It used to be that in order to afford going to college you needed to apply for loans, grants and scholarships. There were no guarantees you’d get any of them and you often had to live on a tight budget.

Not anymore!

With sites like Cash for Sex Tape you don’t have to budget your beer money. Just send in your college porn videos and they’ll cut you a check for some cold hard cash. Spend it on classes, books or drop out and do this shit full-time! Hey, you’re only young once in your life!

Cash for Sex Tape is partnered with Student Sex Parties and My Pickup Girls so you get more porn for less money. Boy, oh boy, these guys just keep giving and giving!

Watch young couples having sex in public and private. Send in your own videos and earn up to $2000! Cash for Sex Tape only accepts high quality video and photos. Dark, grainy crap like Paris Hilton is putting out is not accepted!

You can join for $1 and sample the site. Videos can be downloaded, streamed and played on a variety of devices. Photos also come in ZIP packs for easier downloading and your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed or your money back!

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I know it looks like sloppy seconds for the brown haired guy, but he is actually running the show. See, he needed some cash and the blonde dude needed some pussy… Do I actually have to explain this to you?

Sell Your GF follows couples that take a walk on the wild side to pay the bills. Be it rent or just weekend beer money, guys gotta do what they gotta do and that means ladies need to do their bidding.

Take an entire network of teen babes taking cock for one low price by joining Sell Your GF. Take the tour!

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Like most girls lacking a strong father figure, this high school sweet heart turned college lover listened to her boyfriend no matter what. He needed some cash for a sack of weed and some beer money for the weekend, only, he didn’t want to get a job. So she hooked for him as he watched!

He mistakenly thought it would be easy. He listened to hip hop and idolized Eminem. What he didn’t know is, being a true pimp isn’t as easy as it looks… especially if you are used to banging the girl you are prostituting out.

At Sell Your GF you get an inside look at what goes on as college kids try to make it on their own. The boys turn into hustlers and the girls turn into sluts. Hey, they have to make it some how and what better way then to make teen sex videos?!?!

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blonde coed

I went to college to get a degree and hopefully use it to obtain a decent job that had medical benefits and a 401K. While there I learned that you can make money reviewing porn sites. A lot of money. After giving it some thought I dropped out and started writing blogs fulltime.

One of the things I miss about college is the young, impressionable girls! So many hotties without a clue and all it takes is a little alcohol and you can bang two of them at the same time!

The Dare Dorm didn’t exist during my stint in college. I wish it did because I could have really used the money back then. The Dare Dorm is available to your now. $10K paid if they like your video. Fuck scholarships and all of that jazz. Just get some babes drunk and borrow a decent video camera. You’ll be paying off those student loans in no time!

So in this episode the girls are playing beer pong. Drunk beer pong. The losers have to suck down beer and a body part of the winners choosing. Being college beer pong the teams are coed and the girls don’t mind a little coed kissing and going down on each other!

Every week is bombarded with videos. Uncut and uncensored videos of what goes on behind closed dorm room doors. But, this is a competition first, so the videos are getting crazier and crazier as coeds compete for the $10K!

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Today’s skank is brought to you by Broke Amateurs. Home of the best POV, truly amateur porn on the planet. At Broke Amateurs they don’t use contract porn stars to play the role of the skank. They use real amateurs looking to make some cold hard cash.

The guys at put an ad in Los Angeles singles magazines about getting paid by getting laid. Instead of hitting up agents and paying top dollar for some big name star they let the girls come to them.

One of the bonuses with this particular arrangement is that they are willing to do anything, and I mean anything, to get that cash. Things they won’t do for their boyfriend or in some cases, their husbands! Things like anal, ass to mouth, gagging, facials, money shots, etc.

The majority of the content is shot POV style. The girls start out nervous as this is their first time on video. As time goes on they get into it like a drunken sailor and pretty soon they are willing to try deep throating for their first time ever.

If you are tired of the cookie-cutter bullshit everyone else is doing Broke Amateurs will feel like a breath of fresh air.

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Every skank and ever slut gets their start somewhere. One such place where they hone their craft is This site goes out into the city in search of bitches on their last dollar looking to make more money any way they can.

Being a hooker is the world’s oldest profession and these girls take hooking to a whole new level. That is partially because they still have all of their teeth and are actually quite attractive looking. So instead of just getting paid to get laid they might even get a place to stay for the night as well.

In the Exploited Teens Kelly videos above you get to see the pickup, the offer and the consummation of the deal. Kelly is a real fucking gem! Her small tits go perfectly with her shaved beaver to excite the pervert in all of us. Just look how fucking tight that cunt of hers is!

More and than a porn site, Exploited Teens gives you access to an entire network of hardcore reality porn. No need to go back to college and pay those high fees to see 18 years old pussy again. Just logon with your password to Exploited Teens!

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