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Posted By Rhino on 06/25/13 - Bookmark Skank Bomb
Have Cyber Sex With Kinky Teen Heatherbby Spank her fleshly ass online!

Having cyber sex can be expensive unless you know where to go. I have found a network that is cheaper than most and has a lot of girls you can flirt with for some extra perks. One thing I hear from my friends a lot about webcam girls is that the girls are snobbish. If you don’t spend anything on them, they don’t want to talk to you. Personally I have seen this on some places, but not on SexCamOnline.

Still, one of my friends said, "Yeah way!" Even about my favorite hangout. So I went online and told him to start chatting up the girls. The first thing out of his proverbial mouth is:

"Put three fingers in your ass!"


I was like, "Dude, WTF? How did you think she was going to respond to that in a free chat room?" For the record she banned him from her room.

So I login to my account and enter her room. I start telling her how sexy her ass is. She is only moderately responsive. Then I do a little trick. I tell her that some girls worry about their hip flesh bulging out they wear thong panties, but that they really shouldn’t. Guys look at it and it actually makes them harder. It is a feature. Not a flaw. Now she is talking to me only. Even guys that have tipped her well before can’t get a word in edge wise.

It is all in the technique. Soon I had her playing with the sides of her panties as if she was going to pull them down. So I told her not to tease me so hard because I my was so hard it might burst. She pulled them down and worked her hips like she was grinding down on my member. My buddy was blown away.

Now go try and work HeatherBBY and see if you can get her to shake that booty for you!

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They call it bating for two reasons. One, it is a shortened version of the word masturbate and, two, because the girls doing it are often jailbait or close to it. This one is just barely legal at just days over her 18th birthday. She always wanted to perform on camera and now she is getting her chance. Straight from her bedroom in her parent’s house into yours!

I shot the video with a free account. Right after showing her tits she went private with some idiot. I say he is an idiot because was already getting naked. Why’d be spend money to see it when she was already doing it for free? Moron!

You can watch all kinds of free webcam shows where chicks get naked and some girls bate on their free webcam. Be patient and let the girls make themselves horny. They will start stripping off their clothes in no as they get caught up in the moment and forget they are doing this as a business. LOL!

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College porn comes in many flavors and today we are going to talk about the amateur web cam kind. Obsessed With Myself is a huge site consisting of user submitted content. Guys in college send in their web cam footage of their smoking hot coed GFs doing the nasty. Since its all amateur you never know what is coming in next!

The guys aren’t the only ones sending in sexting videos though, often the girls send in videos of themselves! I guess it’s true, every girl wants her 15 minutes of fame!

There are hundreds of masturbation videos and home sextapes featuring the coed next door at Obsessed With Myself. They have new stuff coming in daily and often have to turn off the submission form because they can’t keep up with all of the girls that want to be seen naked!

With most phones having digital cameras on them it is no wonder they are having a hard time. With over 300,000,000 people living in the USA you have to assume 1,000 of them are girls taking naughty pics of themselves and sending them to their boyfriends. Get in on the action!

Grab an Obsessed With Myself password and enjoy the college porn!

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Posted By Rhino on 09/10/10 - Bookmark Skank Bomb


I dunno… Maybe I am just a warped mother fucker, but I am the type of guy that prefers the college issues in Playboy over the usual stuff they put out for the rest of the year. I’ve never subscribed to the magazine for this reason. I’ve always preferred to buy that one single issue from a newsstand then to spend a few extra bucks to get issues I’ll never read.

Maybe this is why I enjoy candid sites like Teens Self Shot so fucking much. Nothing but hot girls from next door and always either scantily clad or completely in the buff. This is college porn at its finest!

Just think, some pencil dick mofo out there received this picture of a teenager in a bra and panties. Do you think he realizes just how lucky he is? Of course he doesn’t… fuckin’ dumbass!

Him… not you.

No, you are not a dumbass. You know the true value of good porn when you see it and Teens Self Shot is about as good as porn is ever gonna get. Grab a pass and explore gigs of candid porn!

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Posted By Rhino on 06/22/10 - Bookmark Skank Bomb


Before college Ivy and Melanie shared just about anything and everything two hot teens could share with each other. They both popped each others hymens so that boys wouldn’t call them prudes for being virgins, they both gave each other their first orgasm and now they are ready to share a boy together!

Teen BFF seeks out teen girls that are willing to do their first threesome on camera. These girls are used to having sex with one another, but doing it on camera? That is where the giggling begins!

Neither girl was giggling for long once that hard cock came out to greet them. I guess there isn’t a lot you can say when you have eight inches of man meat in your little teen mouth.

As a Teen BFF member you also get access to 18 Years Old and Jurassic Cock. The Porn Pros network is always growing and they try to add one new site a month. Sites cover a variety of niches like Freaks of Cock and 40 oz Bounce.

Don’t join another site until you have experienced what the Porn Pros have lined up for you!

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There are two types of perverts out there. Creepy perverts and really creepy perverts. If you zoomed into the tattoo on this hotties stomach instead of zooming in on her vagina showing through her panties, you are really creepy!

Obsessed With Myself is for the guys that zoomed in on the panties. The guys that enjoy looking at other guy’s gals. Creepy… or just good instincts?

There are tons of ex-girlfriend sites out there and more cropping up daily. Only Obsessed With Myself will give you exclusive content you won’t find anywhere else. Not only do they hack girls private Myspace, Facebook and Photobucket accounts, they also have girls uploading the content themselves!

I guess you can chalk it up to the Paris Hilton generation. Now every girl wants to be “cool” like the Hotel Heiress. Our gain and I am not really sure if it is their loss. Girls that continuously post their pics and videos get paid!

You can join Obsessed With Myself for free and decide whether or not this site is for you. If you should choose to cancel you won’t be billed and receive immediate confirmation of your cancelation. This is my kind of trial!

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The world is filled with Obsessed With Myself. It’s actually quite mind boggling just how many of them there are. They come in all shapes and sizes, all races and from every part of the world. Unfortunately you can only know so many people in your life, so most of us will never encounter more than a handful of them.

What to do?

Well, you could grab a password to and start enjoying everyone else’s Obsessed With Myself! Go ahead, they don’t mind if you look at the girl that sent them naked photos of herself. In fact, they uploaded her photos and her videos just so you could enjoy her too!

You know the golden rule, share and share alike!

Obsessed With Myself received so many submissions they frequently turn the submit form off so they can catch up. A world of amateur porn just waiting for you. All categorized and tagged for easy searching.

Ain’t it freaky good to be alive right now?

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