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Posted By Admin on 04/27/17 - Bookmark Skank Bomb

There was a time in my life that I would drink liquor by the bottle and get so fucked up and horny – I’m not even sure I remember half the stupid, sexy, crazy, and completely fun shit I’m sure I did. I’m a little thankful that I grew up right before social media took over, because I’m not sure how I’d feel if I ended up being one of these teens; I’m not shy, but damn, they’re all out there for God and everyone!

Grab your Watch My GF discount for exclusive amateur teens getting wild and crazy on cam — and they’re doing it all — flashing tits, fucking outdoors, in public, in cars, on the beach, sucking cock, playing and toying each other’s pussies, and so much more. If you’ve thought it, done it, or watched it you can bet your sweet ass you’re going to see these horny teens caught in similar acts! Oh, to be young again…

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My son was just telling me he didn’t know about whether or not he wanted to go to college. He just graduated high school several months ago and isn’t sure if he is up for the challenge.

I told him to go talk to his uncle about whether or not college is all of that and a bag of chips. My younger brother is much younger than I am and just graduated from college a year ago. I told him to introduce my son to sites like GF Revenge and Dare Dorm. To tell him this shit goes on all day long and to ask him is he is, “Up for that?!?!”

Sure enough my son is ready to go to college now. LOL!

College was a long time ago for me. I had a blast and would have to say it was one of the best periods of my life. Sure I had a nice career and I enjoy what I do these days, but what can compare to being around barely legal teenage girls that are liberating themselves in a sexual way?


Get your college porn at GF Revenge discount and enjoy the amateur sex tapes as well. I have always had a thing for the Beaver Hunt section of Hustler and GF Revenge reminds me of those amateur gems you’d find in there.

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That right there is Jane Doe #123 from Night Invasion. She is just one of the many girls this creep has banged. Well, I guess I can’t really call him a creep because I’d have banged this broad too…

Night Invasion is a pretty strange place. It hits on a lot of fantasies most guys have throughout their years. Some grow out of them, some grow into them… Either way, it’s a great place to reminisce!

Let’s face it, we’ve all wanted to peek in on some hot babe while she slept in her panties, or peep in her window and catch her masturbating. This guy is just doing what we’ve all thought about at one point or another!

Take the Night Invasion tour and see if you know any of these hotties!

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Sluts? Nawwww!

Why is it that everybody immediately jumps to that conclusion every time they see two coeds stripping and getting frisky with each other? Can’t two college hotties go down on one another at a party without everybody being all judgmental?

Then again… they do look really slutty!

When you want true college porn you go to College True Life. Why fake it when there are already tons of kids out there sexting their shit all over the Internet? Sure, you might be able to find some of this stuff on your own, but then time is money!

Save your time, your money and your marriage by joining. Yeah, it costs a buck to try it out, but it will be the best dollar you have ever spent. College True Life updates daily and provides you with more niches than just college!

From beach candids to night club upskirts on the dance floor, this site is a voyeurs dream come true!

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It has been a while since I have done a post on this blog and that is because I have spent all of my free time on checking out all the busty amateurs.

That’s right GF Melons is full of young amateur girls that have huge tits and best of all are very horny. They are so horny that they love to send pics of their huge juggs to their boyfriends. Eventually that boyfriend becomes an Ex and submits all the pictures she has ever sent him to

Now the only thing you have to do to enjoy unlimited access to big tity amateurs is get a membership to Girl Friend Melons. Why go for professional porn when the hottest and horniest chicks out there are right next door?

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This reminds me of my high school and military days, the Formula to getting pussy: Find location and have party, invite girls you want to bang and tell them it is free, get lots of liquor, get those girls to drink said liquor.  Trashed Girlfriends, now you get the pussy.  There are good and bad things about this strategy, good you get to bang a sweet little tattooed chick like this one, the bad is you also have to bang that thing next to her.

Now this formula is meant for guys who are a little on the shy side or look like the elephant man.  Chicks always trust these type of guys, because you are so sweet.  The good thing is when they get drunk they look to you as long as Troy the quarterback for the football team isn’t there, note to self, do not invite Troy from the football team to the party.  So now you are cleared to have fun with your very sexy Trashed Girlfriends.

Now for my shy friends, once you get over the shyness you are allowed to take out the words free to the girls you want to bang, they are now willing to bring the liquor because the want to bang you too and this is their excuse.  Trashed Girlfriends now get to say oh my god I can’t believe I hooked up with ?, I was so trashed.  Now for my Elephant Man friends, please get a great job and make a lot of money, you will need it.  Also, don’t use a condom, impregnate the world and take vengeance by filling the world with people as ugly as you. 

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So… You  and your girlfriend met another chick at the club and your girlfriend got a bit drunk and decided to invite the other girl home… Only, in the car the girls started getting hot on each other and there is nobody else out on the road so you can fuck them both right now or… Let your girlfriend come out of her drunken daze and accuse you of being the one that invited this other girl along!

So… You fuck the shit out of both of them, making sure to get it all on film right after you get the pics of your girlfriend kissing and groping the other girls boobs!

You, my friend, are an animal!

Now you have a dilemma. As the saying goes, “If you don’t have pics, it didn’t happen!”

Well.. You do have pics… But nobody is seeing them…

So… You go to Watch My GF and upload the pics and get paid in the process. The only thing that would have made this deal any sweeter is if you had gotten some video too… They pay more for that!

If you don’t have such a loose girlfriend or don’t have a girlfriend at all you can borrow everyone else’s bitch at Watch My GF. They have daily updates and they even have a section where they upload pics from cracked Myspace, Facebook, Photobucket, etc accounts!

Some of this amateur shit is hilarious and the rest of it is just plain sexy as hell!

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I have to say. I really enjoyed my last year of high school and all of the Trashed Girlfriends. You know the drill. Since your girlfriend is a senior and legally an adult she thinks she knows it all. Like some fairy came by and waived a wand and all of a sudden your girlfriend can handle her liquor – NOT!

At Trashed Girlfriends you get daily updates of hot teens and college coeds getting crazy stupid because they can’t handle their alcohol. The perfect definition of a Skank if I ever saw one.

All of the content is broken down so you can surf what you are looking for. Categories like Spring Break, Wet T-Shirt Contests, College Coed Parties, Sorority Parties, Solo Drunks Sluts, etc will have you spewing in your shorts!

This isn’t one of those staged sites where everything is supposedly reality. These girls and their ex-boyfriends send this shit in on a daily basis. So much content they often have to close the join form for the later part of the day!

Don’t have a girlfriend? No problem. You can watch my Trashed Girlfriend stick a Corona bottle up her crotch.

Both holes!

Crazy Bitch!

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A buddy of mine has a girlfriend that happened upon my blog. He probably left the browser open and she got nosey. She didn’t appreciate my use of the term Skank. Too bad, bitch. I am sure if her PMS riddled ass was writing a gossip column her terms of endearment for the male species wouldn’t be too far from calling us skanks.

If you want real skanks and no scripts you need to check out Teen GFs. This site is full of skanky whores that love to show off their stuff. In the masturbation videos above you get to see this bitch bang her own pussy for her boyfriend. Unfortunately for her, when they broke up the video got leaked to the Internet. Now she is a star… haha

I can laugh because I won’t be at her next family reunion. I am sure this whole playing with herself on the Internet thing will go over well. Along with laughing I can also get excited. This skank is fucking hot!

Some of the video could be cleaned up, but it is all amateur footage. These chicks really do this shit for their boyfriends and believe them when they tell them they would never share it. Dumb bitches!

Everything at Teen GFs is updated daily and the content is categorized in a couple of different niches like blowjob videos and self shot pics. These guys also hit Spring Break this year and captured a ton of pics and vids they showcase in the members area.

No more spending hundreds on hotels in Florida, these guys bring all of the bitches to your computer monitor!

Posted By Rhino on 04/08/09 - Bookmark Skank Bomb

Click here to watch this clip

Legal? I am not a fucking lawyer so don’t ask me about the legalities of this site. The girls are all of age and supposedly they consented when their boyfriends sent in their candid big tits photos and sex tapes. If Paris Hilton is legal I guess this must be too!

In the episode here a hot chesty blonde babe is changing in the bathroom and apparently doesn’t know we are watching. God, how I wanted to do this back when I was a kid. Now I can and so can you!

GF Melons is more than just voyeur videos though.

GF Melons is loaded with big tits self shot pics, candid beach photos and a whole lot more. Everything is 100% real amateur content with daily updates. There is always something new and exclusive to gawk at.

Plus, big natural tits isn’t the only thing has to offer you. They also have a fake tits section, a small tits section and a place to hang out. No more being alone in your tits obsession. You can even follow other members and contributors hopping along across their favorites or make a trail of your own favorite big tits for someone else to follow.

There are no digital rights management at GF Melons so everything you download is yours to keep forever. Billing is anonymous so there is nothing adult on your statement. Canceling can be done online so no embarrassing phone calls to make.

After experiencing GF Melons you are going to love the Internet!

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When porn first hit the Internet it was primarily print media like Playboy scanned into the computer. Which meant everything was polished. Then the Reality Kings changed things up with quasi-reality sites like Cum Fiesta, MILF Hunter and Big Naturals. But things still weren’t amateur enough. Most of the sites used scripts to simulate amateur situations.

Now with See My Wife the Reality Kings have finally went pure amateur. You won’t find this kind of quality on other amateur sites because the Reality Kings have deep enough pockets to ensure they lock in the exclusive rights to some of America’s hottest wives and ex-girlfriends.

The categories vary widely. Everything from the masturbation videos to sperm swallowing categories are filled with never before seen content. There are literally tens of thousands of candid pics. Many of them are in a series so you can get to know the girls better than sites with just a single pic.

Want to make some cash on your own home videos and candid pics? They pay up to $500 for a picture series and $1000 for a usable video. In these hard times you might have found a way to make your next mortgage payment!

See My Wife is putting reality back into reality porn!

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