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I have been watching porn for a very, very long time. Any shame I might have felt faded away a long time ago. But lately, I’ve been watching this Adult Time original series called Pure Taboo and I just… I… I feel fucking FILTHY while watching it. I’m not saying just the generic “filthy” as in, “Hey, this has sex in it.” I’m talking about a feeling I can’t even wash off after I take a shower. I don’t mean to say it’s a bad kind of filthy. It’s fucking HOT. But still, I am utterly impressed by what this series has pulled off. I truly feel like I’m watching something that I’m going to get in trouble for. Like, is my mom about to walk in and ground me? Seriously. That’s the vibe I get.

If you’re brave enough to watch such ridiculously taboo scenes, you’re going to want this deal. Click here to save 67% with a Pure Taboo discount! Act now and we’ll throw in the entire Adult Time network for no additional charge!

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No one ever intends to be a skank, I think. It’s never the life goal of some bitch to grow up and do porn, well, not usually. However, we reach an age, an age that is probably different for all of us, where we’re just like, fuck this shit. We just do whatever the hell we want whenever we want with whoever we want because, life’s a bitch and then you die. Watch these pretty little girls get turned into skanks real quick when they’re face-fucked so hard, they’ve got no choice but to cry. Throated is the place you’ll find these trashy whores, and you’re going to love it.

It’s just one of the many deals on these discount porn sites. You’ll find that many of them are going for 50% off full price or even more, and some are offering lifetime deals which means the price will never go up on you out of the blue. Still, others offer hot bonus sites as part of a network package. Now, what will you find here? All kinds of filthy skanks that are certain to help you unload your nuts in no time. Check things out and grab the best deal for you today!

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party hardecore discount

This little betty went out with her friends to have a girl’s night out. She didn’t know that there would be strippers at the club they were going to, but she certainly didn’t mind the intrusion either. You could say that she was tickled pink and ready to party.

When a site professes to being a money saver they had better live up to their claim. does that with an 80% off discount to Party Hardcore. Unlike those other sites that require you to join some shitty newsletter or clip coupons (clip coupons? I thought we got rid of paper?), this site is simple – you just click the Buy Month Deal buttons and you are good to go.

You can buy as many deals as you want to and many of the deals work for the lifetime of your membership so definitely have a look around. Then once you are ready to buy some porn be sure you have bookmarked so you can point and click your way to savings.

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Thanks to mobile apps like Tinder, hooking up has become so much easier.

Tinder is very powerful because you only have to find the profiles of people that are within the same general vicinity as you.

You can say goodbye to the very common problem for most dating sites of seeing profiles located thousands of miles from you.

If you live in Hawaii, for example, it doesn’t really make sense to look for people who live in Maine or Florida, and vice versa.

Unfortunately, this is exactly the kind of problem that you see time and time again with standard online dating sites.

Hookup apps, on the other hand, have made completely local dating possible.

With that said, there’s a lot of confusion regarding whether these types of apps are actually much better than top hookup sites or online dating resources like Craigslist.

Here’s the inside scoop.

– Location Specific

The good news and the bad news with dating apps is that they’re very location specific.

Every mobile phone has a geolocation capability.

In other words, the information that you pull from the server will only be related to your specific area, and your area is always reported by your phone,

Sounds like awesome news, right?

The problem is a lot of scammers are using that technology to feed your phone with fake profiles.

Why would they want to do that?

Very simple: money.

They would create these fake profiles and lure you to click a link, which would then land you to a website that pays a commission to these scammers.

This is happening quite frequently regardless of how specific your location is, thanks to sophisticated geolocation tricks being pulled by scammers from all over the world.

Unfortunately, Tinder is the number one target of such scams.

– Focus on Pictures

The big advantage of mobile dating apps is that they allow guys to zero in on decent-looking women.

The older dating sites out there allow people to post fake profiles or no profiles at all.

With dating apps, you’re not really going to be all that successful unless you post a real picture.

So when it comes to some level of authenticity, there is some good news with these types of apps.

However, as I mentioned earlier, a lot of scammers just use fake profiles to use dating apps as a traffic source.

So it’s kind of like a two-edged sword.

The whole emphasis on physical appearance may be a refreshing breath of fresh air as far as authenticity is concerned.

On the other hand, it kind of stilts the conversation in such a superficial way that scam profiles get more attention than they deserve.

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milf slut in white lace trim lingerie looking fro a hookup for sex

This is not your daddy’s MILF slut. Back in his day he couldn’t find a babe like this trolling the dive bars in downtown. Now you can find hot babes like this without trolling anything. It is all casual when you hookup with MILFs on the internet. With internet dating you can save your money for better things like buying a boat.

So how do you get this kind of babe in your bed? You don’t! You never invite these women to your own home. Sure it is nice to save money on hotel rooms, but that is a fools way of thinking. You don’t need stalkers. You need a way to expel your cum without getting a hooker. While these women aren’t paid sluts, they are more than happy to slut for you for free.

It is possible for you to go to their homes if they will invite you in. There have been nights where I have banged three different women in three different cities. Once I banged two hot MILF babes that lived in different states. I love business traveling now!

You can use like it is your own personal blackbook for finding MILF sex partners at all times of the night. Once you get in good with several sluts you will be hooking yourself up with sex on a nightly basis!

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Get Laid tonight with Amateur Match Adult Dating!

What are you doing tonight that is so fucking awesome that it trumps getting laid? Oh, you are getting laid? By one of the hotties above? I think not. Stop kidding yourself. You need to get a super skank in bed with you or you are going to go insane. Fuck having tired old sex when you can have kinky, fun, young sex with a coed slut.

Don’t tell me about how none of the girls are going to want to fuck you. You cannot possibly know that. Truth is you don’t like trying new things and prefer to stay inside your comfort zone. No wonder you haven’t fucked a cheerleader yet. Give it the old college try, man!

Listen, is your best possible chance at banging the girls you’ve jerked off about, but never banged. You get access to horny babes in your area with profiles that are begging you to come over and screw them. If you cast a wide net you are going to get laid. So what it if is a mercy fuck on her part. You are getting what you want aren’t you?

Now stop your blubbering and get laid tonight with Amateur Match adult dating service. You’ll kick yourself tomorrow if you don’t.

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find local sluts to fuck!

Dating girls exclusively is going by the wayside. Having to get excited about the same old dry dog food time and time again isn’t as easy as it seems. Why not bang a different chick each and every night of the week? Why not be a Don Juan while your dick can still get it up and your hips can pound it inside a tight teen ass like a jackhammer? You have the rest of your life to shack up with a money sucking cunt. Right now you need to be finding local sluts to fuck!

If you are thinking there isn’t a girl, and certainly not a gaggle of them, out there for you I have news for you, son. There are chicks out there that will fuck even you. Not only that, there are dozens of them in your local area. Stop walking with your eyes focused on the sidewalk and try looking up for a change. is going to get your laid. It really is that simple. Now stop acting like a pussy and start fucking like a stud!

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Male strippers are some smart motherfuckers. While most guys are going out and paying chicks to fuck them, these guys are going and getting chicks to pay them for the privilege of sucking their cocks!

Party Hardcore goes to clubs where bachelorette parties are in full swing, if ya know what I mean, and let me tell you, these ladies don’t hold nothing back!


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What in the fuck is a Cruelty Party? Well, that is exactly what I was aiming to find out when I happened on this crazy site. Turns out it is another name for a bachelorette party gone insane!

You have probably been a party to the bachelor equivalent. The stripper gets there and was just planning on stripping, but then things turned crazy and the next thing you know she is blowing the entire male half of the wedding party. The bachelor thinks his wife-to-be is keeping it safe and sane at her party… wrong!

Things couldn’t be further from the truth and at Cruelty Party what happens in Vegas gets put on the Internet for all to see! These CFNM videos will blow your mind. The ladies get a little power and run wild with it. The poor male strippers had no idea what they were getting themselves into!

With a Porn Pros network pass you get sites like Cruelty Party, Teen BFF, 18 Years Old, Public Violations, 40 oz Bounce, Freaks of Cock and more. They add a new site monthly and update each site weekly. With over 20 sites already in the mix that works out to multiple daily updates of some of the craziest porn you will have ever laid your eyes on!

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Now this is the kind of train guys dream of driving. For all of you about to get married, close this window. You will never respect your wife to be if you keep reading!

Dancing Bear is a company that contracts dancers for birthdays, bachelorette parties and more. They send a dancing bear and the girls go wild. Why? I don’t know. If you ask me he looks remarkable like the PedoBear. Who consequently also has a large following.

The Tale of the Dancing Bear site collects all of the party footage and presents it in your typical reality site format. A high quality video backed up by some higher quality pics.

This site doesn’t update as much as I’d like so I signed up for the $4.95 trial and promptly canceled. That way I won’t forget and get billed again. But for one month the price is right to enjoy the videos they currently have available.

I talked to the owner and their update schedule will soon be weekly. I guess this thing was being run on a shoestring budget for months and only recently took off. So he now has enough money to pay photographers enough for those weekly updates.

Like I said earlier though… It is worth $24.95 and you can use the $4.95 trial to watch the videos. Enjoy!

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When your skanky bitch cheats on you it sucks ass. I mean it really sucks ass. How can you ever trust her again?

This post isn’t about that… Nawww… I wouldn’t do that to you guys.

No, this post is about being the guy that cheats with a skanky whore.

"But isn’t that the same thing?" I can hear you saying…

Hell NO! Believe or not we are animals. If some divine being actually had control over us we wouldn’t kill people because we got bumped in the head as a child. We wouldn’t act differently through puberty because hormones would have no effect on our emotions. Face the facts man, we are animals and animals like to fuck. When was the last time your dog got married?

So anyway… Backstabbing Sluts is about the skanks that fuck their best friend’s boyfriend. It is a great site because fucking two skanks is way better than only fucking one. Period.

How many times have you fantasized about fucking your wife’s friends? Have you ever caught yourself saying, "Damn, I picked the wrong one. ALL of her friends are so much hotter than she is… FUCK!"

Then Backstabbing Sluts is for you.

Have you ever been introduced to your girlfriends family and her smoking hot MILF aunt wants to jump your bones? Did you do it? If you said yes, relive the moment at Backstabbing Sluts. If you said no, you fucking idiot! Don’t worry, you can still get an idea of what it would have been like at Backstabbing Sluts.

No matter what the situation is, Backstabbing Sluts has you covered. They update weekly so there is always something new and they have an archive of past skanky episodes.

Check out the join page too. There you can read about the 10 sites you get by joining They include sites like Secretary Hoes, Sloppy Gaggers, Sperm Blasters, Over 18 Under 21 and my personal fav, Japan Dreams. Real Japanese schoolgirls getting banged for your enjoyment. How great is that?

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