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hot coeds in a naught hot tub

Girls have been just wanting to have fun for many years. Since the dark ages they have grouped together to share love and sex with each other without breaking their vows with their husbands or boyfriends. It is a double standard that no man with testosterone running through his veins would care to change. Sexy coed hot tub videos are just the beginning at Little Fuck Tube. They have more videos that you could possibly watch in a lifetime with more coming in every day of the week!

Join in on the Lube Tube phenomenon to see videos girls are posting online. It is selfies on steroids with hot clips shot with cell phone cameras. The quality of the videos can be rough, but the quality of their content is unmatched. You won’t find a better mix of college slut porn anywhere else.

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Coed Slut Gets Butt Raped From The Back

Do you think this girls mom and dad know their little coed is a total slut? Probably not yet, but they will. It is only a matter of time before her cousin, uncle, brother or her dad sees this college porn video on

To be honest she didn’t realize her boyfriend was going to pull a fast one on her when she agreed to fuck on video. He ended up initiating her into butt sex by raping her ass from behind. His cock was so slippery with her vaginal juices that it slid right up her ass with no problem.

Shame on her for getting so turned on because others were watching.

College Fuck Fest has been interviewed on shows like Dateline NBC and CNN. The entire country wants to know where they get the idea that they can ruin girls lives this way. Nobody but a two-bit company is ever going to hire a coed slut that has had anal sex in porn videos. Usually they throw it right back at them. The girls are over 18 years old so it is up to them to know better.

I like that kind of thinking!

Here is to College Fuck Fest telling it like it is and giving us all a raging hardon in the process.

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My son was just telling me he didn’t know about whether or not he wanted to go to college. He just graduated high school several months ago and isn’t sure if he is up for the challenge.

I told him to go talk to his uncle about whether or not college is all of that and a bag of chips. My younger brother is much younger than I am and just graduated from college a year ago. I told him to introduce my son to sites like GF Revenge and Dare Dorm. To tell him this shit goes on all day long and to ask him is he is, “Up for that?!?!”

Sure enough my son is ready to go to college now. LOL!

College was a long time ago for me. I had a blast and would have to say it was one of the best periods of my life. Sure I had a nice career and I enjoy what I do these days, but what can compare to being around barely legal teenage girls that are liberating themselves in a sexual way?


Get your college porn at GF Revenge discount and enjoy the amateur sex tapes as well. I have always had a thing for the Beaver Hunt section of Hustler and GF Revenge reminds me of those amateur gems you’d find in there.

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Ever wondered what your daughter is doing while she is going to college on your hard earned dime? Well, wonder no more because the folks at College Rules are putting it, and her, out on the Internet. Now would be a good time to tell her grandma to cancel her Internet connection. If she sees what your daughter is doing she is going to have a conniption fit!

This site proves that even a jackass like the one posing in the top/center of this picture can get laid in college. And not just by one girl, but by many, and all at the same time!

At College Rules the students are in charge. They decide what they are going to make their college porn videos about, then they submit them to see if they can win CA$H money!

Videos that are selected get posted and there is one new post each week. Everything is exclusive and the girls are all amateurs. You might even find a girl you went to high school with… I did!


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Move over Jersey Shore because there is a new situation happening at Dare Dorm that is blazing up the Internet. Hot babes and the girl next door are getting into the porno act by sending in their own coed sex tapes and making money on it!

Each week gives a daring coed dorm $10K in cold hard cash for sharing their sex-capades with the rest of the world. Look at it this way, you can either blow $10K of your own cash by going back to college yourself, or, you can spend just $4.95 checking out the Dare Dorm and not have to leave your seat!

Except to maybe get some lotion and a warm towel…

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Sluts? Nawwww!

Why is it that everybody immediately jumps to that conclusion every time they see two coeds stripping and getting frisky with each other? Can’t two college hotties go down on one another at a party without everybody being all judgmental?

Then again… they do look really slutty!

When you want true college porn you go to College True Life. Why fake it when there are already tons of kids out there sexting their shit all over the Internet? Sure, you might be able to find some of this stuff on your own, but then time is money!

Save your time, your money and your marriage by joining. Yeah, it costs a buck to try it out, but it will be the best dollar you have ever spent. College True Life updates daily and provides you with more niches than just college!

From beach candids to night club upskirts on the dance floor, this site is a voyeurs dream come true!

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Just take a minute to take in those little cuties. Do they even know how darling they look stacked on top of each other? These two nymphs are Jenna Rose and Maryjane Johnson. They have been Teen BFF’s ever since they met in high school. Now they are in college and their wild side is starting to come out!

If you are here you like College Porn. is all about college porn! Young best friends forever team up and share their boyfriends, or as they like to call them, boy toys, with one another. While other girls get all jealous when it comes to their boys, these girls get horny!

There is plenty of college porn on the Porn Pros network. Sites like 18 Years Old keep it young and sites like Jurassic Cock pair young hotties with old stogies. Take the Porn Pros tour and check out the sites link!

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Nothing beats being the life of the party, especially when you are the only guy! Dare Dorm takes in outrageous footage of dorm room orgies and edits them into porn worthy of your heard earned cash!

Participants get $10K to spend as they wish. Some go on to med-school and others just buy more beer. Who gives a shit really? Dare Dorm isn’t about what hot chicks and horny studs do after college, it is about what they do after the sun goes down!

Each week a new video is placed into the members area. There are already dozens of videos and some of them, like the one above, are real gems! Sure, these girls probably don’t act this slutty when there are no cameras and no money on the line, but once you throw the switch and thrust a fist full of cash into their pretty little faces…

They turn into porn star sluts ready to do some college porn!

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There is a saying among the younger generation and it goes something like this: If you don’t have any pics or videos, it didn’t happen! Luckily the folks at College Fuck Fest are furnishing proof that skanks do indeed go to college and if you go you can bang one of these little hotties too!

Personally I don’t have the time to go to college, but I do have time to whack my pud. So I enjoy watching free College Fuck Fest videos just like anybody else. Then I found…


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t1 t2
t3 t4

College came and college went. Damn I wish I could afford to go again! These days it isn’t about money, it is about time. I just don’t have that much time to devote to college… But then, there is always the Dare Dorm!

With a membership to the Dare Dorm you can experience all of the good stuff college has to offer you and none of the crap! These girls are not professionals and I guess you could say they are a bit open minded.

The Dare Dorm pays a whopping $10K bounty for videos that get used on the site so they receive submissions on a daily basis. After some editing and splicing one video gets released each week and you can be sure it is the cream of the college porn crop!

Grab a membership and save a ton on student loans!

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Pretty party chick sucks some lucky guys cock at the party

Maybe college came and went years ago for you…
Maybe you are just one of those guys that doesn’t get invited…
Maybe you’re having problems scoring at college parties

Whatever the reason you are sitting there reading this, College Fuck Fest is the answer to your problems!

At you get unlimited access to the original college porn site on the web. They don’t care how old you are, they just want you to have a good time! They don’t care if you are a nerd or what your pants size is, all of that shit doesn’t matter on the net!

And if you are having problems scoring at these kinds of parties? No problem, man! Just watch the freaking videos and pick up some pointers. You’ll be gang-banging groups of drunk college girls in no time!

With your password to College Fuck Fest you can access the entire Mega Porn Access network. If you think College Fuck Fest is wild, wait until you see the other shit these guys have concocted!

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There are two types of girls in the world. There is the scandalous bitch ones that go all bi-polar on your ass when you check out their hot friends and there are the cool ones that invite their friends over to “meat” with you!

Teen BFF is all about the later type of girls. The ones that don’t mind sharing and enjoy fingering their friends just as much as you do. You have plenty of choices when it comes to college porn. should definitely be in your stable of sites you go to when you want to see hot coed threesomes with lots of girl on girl action!

This is where I mention the rest of the network. With a password to Teen BFF you get the entire Porn Pros network. Sites like 18 Years Old and Jurassic Cock will leave you wondering why you haven’t been jacking off to this level of quality porn before!

Now add in sites like Freaks of Cock and 40oz Bounce. Finally somebody created some porn you can share at the water cooler! Oh, shit, I almost forgot… You CAN literally share it on your phone because they have videos that play on phones too!

Go get your stroke on at Teen BFF!

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College ain’t cheap, but these kids have found a way to cover a lot of the bills. It’s called the Dare Dorm and it is your chance to see what goes on in college dormitories!

Dare Dorm paid these college coeds 10K to video tape their sexual escapades and carnal debauchery. You have to love the Internet, without it we would have tons of college porn to remember the good times or fantasize about times that never happened!

Take the tour and try the $4.95 trial. You can cancel online and get instant confirmation. No more making embarrassing phone calls to live operators… Unless you are into that sort of thing!

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Party slut get fucked and covered in cum!

Without alcohol the average dude is way kinkier than his female coed counterpart. With alcohol he doesn’t stand a chance. There is something about getting drunk that makes college coeds want to make some pretty raunchy college porn!

Take the girl above as an example. This babe normally wouldn’t blow her man in front of the frat boys. Add some juice and she can’t get enough of his cock!

College Teens paid this drunk lass five-thousand dollars to rock out with her boyfriends cock… in… in everything. Her mouth, her vag, her ass and back in that cute little mouth of her again. Was it worth it? Well, from where I am sitting it looks worth it to me!

Tag along and watch some of the craziest college porn ever created and get every other site on the Porn Pros network! In addition to College Teens you also get 18 Years Old, Freaks of Cock and dozens more!

The Porn Pros have been adding a new site to their network each month and already have over 20 sites for you to enjoy. They target the kinky shit, the raunchy shit, the fucking exciting shit!

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I was just talking with a duck hunting buddy of mine’s son. He is going to college and choses to look like what I’d call a loser. Pretty much, he looks like the guy in the foreground of the picture above. Justin Bieber haircut and sideburns… Really?

So anyway… I ask him what he likes most about college and he says with a straight face, "The sex!" I am like, what in the fuck? Is this kid for fucking real? He goes on to tell me he has six different chicks on call and regularly bangs two at a time. I tell him to prove it.

After making a three calls there are three college freshmen girls ringing the door bell. He tells them to to make out and they do! What the fuck? Have things really changed that much?

After some more discussion he tells me about a site called Dare Dorm where he learned his techniques and some guidelines on how to treat chicks in order to get them to do anything you want. I go to the site and I am amazed. These bitches will do anything for some free liquor!

Dare Dorm is college porn to the max. The coeds get paid up to $10K for a featured video. Less for pics and a lot less for grainy crap. With most cell phones shooting at 720p or more these days even the most basic videos look better than some porn sites are putting out with professional grade cameras!

While new content is sent in daily, only the best makes the cut and every two weeks the good stuff is edited into an eye-popping college porn video.

With a year already under their belt the archive has plenty for you to see. This is the future of Internet porn right here. Young hotties, real situations, spontaneity and lots and lots of teenage, barely legal flesh!

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