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Posted By Rhino on 07/04/15 - Bookmark Skank Bomb

xxx parody porn

Not content to create a typical reality site the folks at Digital Playground put together what has to be the best porn parody empire ever created. By using the same high production values as their Hollywood counterparts they have shot many award winning full length movies centered around the biggest Hollywood scripts. has this site and many more with some pretty nice yearly deals in place to save you hundreds of dollars.

Review Porn Sites sticks to reviewing only the top porn sites. In this way they can give you some quality picks for 2015 that you might have missed without sending you to a site that would pad their review profiles, but not be of the kind of quality you have become accustomed to joining.

Along with Digital Playground you will find reviews on sites like Naughty America, Brazzers and the top video network: VideoZ. Read more on!

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Skank Asian VIP Cam Honey Azumi20

Damn! Does this Asian VIP cam honey have a stink eye or what? I found her on Asian Webcam Chat looking like a hot mess. I bet you she enjoys scratching the fuck out of your back in hopes that you will have some bitch at home wondering what in the fuck happened. She is just the kind of tornado that keeps life interesting.

Azumi20 is a master of disguise. While she might look like a tawdry slut right here she can also play the bouncy Asian schoolgirl cam model or a Cosplay idol if that is what you prefer. Azumi keeps a closet full of costumes for every occasion including weddings.

There are well into the thousands of models with perky Asian boobies on the Asian Webcam Chat system. They do deals with the largest cam networks to aggregate all of the Asian girls into one location. It makes it easier on everybody when they are all in one spot.

If you know a girl interested in making some quick money tell her about the site as they are always hiring new Asian webcam girls.

Find your favorite Asian camgirls on!

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chick fights are the best

So I am doing the Internet equivelent of flipping through the channels and come across Queen of the Hood. It has tons and tons of videos of chicks fighting!

I don’t know about you, but I have always enjoyed watching girls duke it out. Even when they are at their meanest they are still chicks and that is hot. Plus, there is the whole thing about how they like to strip each other down!

Queen of the Hood is part of a larger network of sites that are both shocking and red-hot amazing!

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Woo hoo!

Why is it that guys get all excited when two chicks have a go at it? Oh… I know! Because chicks like to pull each others clothes off and when they are wearing skirts you get to see everything!

Babes Fight video tapes a new match between two or more girls on a weekly basis. Usually the girls wear outfits meant to reveal a lot. Like a miniskirt paired with a g-string.

Many of the fights include oil wrestling. Who doesn’t like watching two slithery bodies rubbing on one another? Shit, I even get excited when I see a girl sucker punch the other one. It is like, “OH SHIT! Did that just happen?”

There are hundreds of movies and most have pics so you can pause the action without everything going grainy on you.

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Some call it a catfight or cat fighting and others call it two naked chicks wrestling, but the people at call it Ultimate Surrender and I have to say, it is the ultimate turn on.

We always wondered what when on behind closed doors when two hot babes hit each other with pillows wearing only their bras and panties. Now we get to see then battle it out in bikinis with high def videos!


Matches can take anywhere from 10 minutes with a total submission to as long as an hour! The winner fucks the loser in ways only could dream up.

There are over 260 videos and picture sets of the lesbian catfight matches at Ultimate Surrender. The people at do not skimp on quality. You will see every nook and cranny of these girls. With video formats in 1280×720 @ 3125k you can watch this on your HDTV!

Fans of lesbian women, chicks wrestling, bikini babes and FemDom will find Ultimate Surrender to be the Ultimate lesbian catfight site!

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