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Posted By Rhino on 12/23/12 - Bookmark Skank Bomb
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Two of these ladies aren’t really ladies. Can you tell which ones are which? Is it is the blonde porn star? The high school girl from Mexico? The fake tits babe in the pool hiding her Adam’s apple?

Find out which of these babes is a shemale at http://www.shemalediscounts.co/” rel=”nofollow” “. Once you have your gauge working correctly send the link to some of your friends or share it at a party on your phone. See how many of your friends would end up getting piped in the ass if they passed out with a tranny at the party.


Use the barcode scanner app in your cell phone to load BabeorFake.com into your phones Internet browser and then share it.

I whipped out an iPad last night at a party and tested a group of friends only to find out one of them has been banging tranny girls are years. They aren’t my cup of tea, but he had no shame in doing it.

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Posted By Rhino on 12/20/12 - Bookmark Skank Bomb


OK. I will agree with you that this bitch looks like she is in an odd predicament if you will agree that it is actually kind of hot. You never know what is around the bend when it comes to Goth sex movies from EmoGirlsPorn.com. Some of them are tame, most of them are slutty and a few like this one are like firecrackers in your pants.

I don’t know what to make of seeing her tits tied up like that. She tied the knots herself. Crazy Goth bitch! I will say I wouldn’t mind slapping them hard and I bet you she would let me!

Those busty German Emo girls love their bondage films. Who are we to judge? I am sure if there were cameras rolling when we do things like fuck jelly filled donuts or banana peels the average Jane would have some disgusting things to say about our behavioral choices too.

Don’t hate, congratulate!

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Posted By Rhino on 11/13/12 - Bookmark Skank Bomb

While I have only been caming now for a few short weeks I think I am more than qualified to tell you this Asian camgirl is a bit extreme. Don’t go to adultcamchat.me and look up her profile unless you know you have what it takes to tackle a girl with this much unbridled lust.

I have yet to find another cam girl that will show this much in a free cam show as RoxWildstPetite. I am sure other girls have chastised her by telling her she won’t get anyone to take her private that way, but they’d be very wrong about that statement!

Rox had the entire chat room cueing up to jump her bones and I decided to favorite her instead. By doing so they let me know the next time she comes on. That way I can have a chance of getting her fresh and ready for the evening. Which is exactly what happened two days later!

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Posted By Rhino on 11/07/12 - Bookmark Skank Bomb


I have seen some pretty crazy shit in my porn blogging lifetime, but this video takes the cake. Nobody here can say they haven’t dreamed of doing this to some schoolgirl they have encountered some time in their life. Just remember that no real schoolgirls were harmed during the shooting of this video.

As far as porn videos go this one is pretty tame in that it isn’t like the girl is getting double penetrated or Bukkake’d. For this one it is more about the kinkiness of having a schoolgirl tied up and blindfolded while she swallows your glands. I’ve had some carnal thoughts bordering on the truly obscene when it comes to fucking girls in plaid skirts, but never this crazy.

After watching this schoolgirl bondage video I am wondering if I can ever have regular sex again. Okay, I probably will be able to, but I’ll be day dreaming of fucking this bitches throat the entire time. Watch the entire video by clicking on her picture. This site is loaded with long videos like this one. I wish they all were.

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Posted By Rhino on 10/30/12 - Bookmark Skank Bomb

Hot live cam girls and sex nude webcam chat

Skanks gab on the phone all fucking day. I hate having to work alongside them. It is nice to see that this one has decided to do her talking online and leave a position open at my company for someone who comes to work, to work.

This skank majored in communication and expected to work for a fortune 500 company. Instead she is working as a web cam model. Not a bad trade off really. She is making the same cash she would have before and with all of the skanky shit she is willing to do she is making a killing in tips!

Find more skanky bitches on NudeGab. New girls come online all day long so the assortment of hot babes is crazy. Every category is filled with young hotties and MILF babes waiting for you to join them tonight. Don’t be shy. They aren’t!

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Posted By Rhino on 09/25/12 - Bookmark Skank Bomb


I cannot impress upon you enough about why you should have your kids come home during Christmas break while in college. Especially if they are attending a college out of state!

When girls are left to stay in their dorms there isn’t as large of a pool of cocks to choose from. Before you know it your little darling is engaging in student sex parties drunk porn orgies. She is sucking the janitors big black cock and you don’t find out until your brother shows you the videos as an Easter family gathering!

So in short, to keep your daughter from participating in reality drunk porn sites you must demand her presence at this years Xmas celebration. If you don’t you only have yourself to blame.

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Posted By Rhino on 09/24/12 - Bookmark Skank Bomb


Who wants some sex with no strings attached?

If you raised your hand, or better yet, your cock, we have the site for you. They have thousands of girls from colleges around the world that are tired of the old model of doing things. You know… meeting a high school sweetheart, staying a virgin until you get married, yada yada yada. Who wants that shit these days?

Not these part girls! They are all about having sex with guys, girls, bed posts, Corona bottles, whatever is clever, right? You can bang a party girl every night of the week. But first you have to click and enter your info so they can contact you!

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Posted By Rhino on 09/14/12 - Bookmark Skank Bomb


This brunette milf is so sex-hungry that a single cock wouldn’t be enough for her. Because of that we invited her to join or bang crew for a hardcore session in front of the camera. We ended up with the orgy video clip above. Go check it out.

Play it today to see this lovely busty babe sucking a couple of average sized dicks, getting fucked in all her holes and drenched in massive amounts of boiling sticky sperm. I bet you’ll start rubbing your banana as soon as you’ll start playing the video and also I’m quite sure you’d pay quite a bit for a session with a performer like her.

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Posted By Rhino on 08/27/12 - Bookmark Skank Bomb


Face down, ass up! Never before has an amateur porn photo made me want to fuck a girl so much! What an inviting porn photo! I would love to get behind this girl, pull her white thong panties to the side of her pussy and fuck her tight bald pussy hard until she came and I cum all over her ass!

Shit, I think I would pay just to watch this girl masturbate in front of me! This is a great amateur porn photo and I hope I get some more sent in to me like this, if I do I’ll be sure to post them here for you to enjoy!

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Posted By Rhino on 08/17/12 - Bookmark Skank Bomb


My son was just telling me he didn’t know about whether or not he wanted to go to college. He just graduated high school several months ago and isn’t sure if he is up for the challenge.

I told him to go talk to his uncle about whether or not college is all of that and a bag of chips. My younger brother is much younger than I am and just graduated from college a year ago. I told him to introduce my son to sites like GF Revenge and Dare Dorm. To tell him this shit goes on all day long and to ask him is he is, “Up for that?!?!”

Sure enough my son is ready to go to college now. LOL!

College was a long time ago for me. I had a blast and would have to say it was one of the best periods of my life. Sure I had a nice career and I enjoy what I do these days, but what can compare to being around barely legal teenage girls that are liberating themselves in a sexual way?


Get your college porn at GF Revenge discount and enjoy the amateur sex tapes as well. I have always had a thing for the Beaver Hunt section of Hustler and GF Revenge reminds me of those amateur gems you’d find in there.

Posted By Rhino on 08/17/12 - Bookmark Skank Bomb


So I was checking out Google news today and came across yet another travesty committed by our justice system. And I also learned that some people really do have a good side. Well, when it comes to getting photographed anyway.

Brittni Colleps was just convicted of having sex with four of her students while a fifth student videotaped the incident with his cell phone. BTW, you read my headline correctly. She had sex with all four of them at the same time in a student/teacher orgy!

Apparently she had been texting and sexting with her students for weeks leading up to the event and could have possibly had sex with the students on more occasions, but the prosecutors didn’t have enough evidence for those alleged events so they stuck with convicting her with the cell phone orgy video.

Now here is where the travesty in the justice system comes in: The students… were all 18 years old! WTF? Why is a teacher getting busted for having sex with 18 year old boys??? Well, I guess there is a law now that states you cannot have sex with people you have dominion over. What? Yeah… Complete bullshit!

This woman should be getting an Adult Video Network award for best orgy 2012, not going to prison!

And now for the WTF on having a good side to be photographed from. Check this chick out without makeup and looking straight into the camera.


Doing the lift one eyebrow thingy didn’t help her!

Now she looks like a dude named Mitch that lives in Canada right?


But wait… There’s more!

This 28 year old is married to an army guy. She has three kids with him! And it gets even crazier. He is sticking with his wife through all of this? Is he some kind of cuckold idiot or what?

This skank has bombed!

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Posted By Rhino on 07/19/12 - Bookmark Skank Bomb


Every now and then someone sends me a great homemade sex tape and that link points to a great one. Along with the sex tape a porn photo was sent of the hot blonde girl naked before she got fucked by this big black cock. If you think this blonde is hot then take a look at this free porn video of her getting her pussy stretched by this huge cock!

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Posted By Rhino on 07/10/12 - Bookmark Skank Bomb


Looking at this picture makes me want to slide my cock in her tight pussy more than any other porn picture I have seen. This 19 year old brunette model knows how to please her viewers with hot poses like this. She has the perfect body of a girl that should be my girlfriend 🙂 as I seriously want to fuck this girl every night.

Just look at her pert tit and her bald little pussy. I hope you enjoy this amateur porn photo as much as me and if I find any more of this girl I’ll post them here.

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Posted By Rhino on 05/24/12 - Bookmark Skank Bomb


So I had no idea Debbie Gibson has posed for Playboy. To be honest, I had forgotten about this once teen pop star until she appears on this seasons the Celebrity Apprentice. I guess Debbie got tired of being thought of as a pop star has been so she posed nude. Now she is thought of as a slutty has been.

Hey, at least they forgot the pop!

Anyway… She sure did keep herself in shape!

Debbie Gibson was 34 when she posed for Playboy Magazine and she looks phenomenal. Shit, she still does at 41 years old! She just needs to realize girls with prominent cheek bones shouldn’t wear a lot of blush!


I’d tap that ass!

Anyway… Why look at fully clothed photos of her when we have nude photos of Debbie Gibson? I know right!







Damn I’d so tap that ass!

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Posted By Rhino on 03/12/12 - Bookmark Skank Bomb


Who is this bitch you wonder? She goes by Tiffany Six, but you have probably heard about her in the news by her real name Stacie Halas. It seems she paid for her teaching credentials with porn cash and her students just figured it out!

Up until last week Stacie was teaching classes to seventh and eighth grade students at Richard B. Haydock Intermediate School. Some students found her videos on the Internet and the next thing you know every student with an Internet ready phone is giggling in class about this babe!

We had some hot teachers in school, but none of them could hold a candle to Tiffany Six. I don’t mean to stereotype, but come on… You know the male administrators were all high fives when she got hired. Talking about how they’d pound her white onion ass. So it should be no surprise she worked in porn!

You can enjoy her at Eat My Black Meat and at Big Sausage Pizza. She also has some good stuff at Lethal Interracial. Seems this hot teacher got around!

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