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Posted By Admin on 09/24/17 - Bookmark Skank Bomb

No one ever intends to be a skank, I think. It’s never the life goal of some bitch to grow up and do porn, well, not usually. However, we reach an age, an age that is probably different for all of us, where we’re just like, fuck this shit. We just do whatever the hell we want whenever we want with whoever we want because, life’s a bitch and then you die. Watch these pretty little girls get turned into skanks real quick when they’re face-fucked so hard, they’ve got no choice but to cry. Throated is the place you’ll find these trashy whores, and you’re going to love it.

It’s just one of the many deals on these discount porn sites. You’ll find that many of them are going for 50% off full price or even more, and some are offering lifetime deals which means the price will never go up on you out of the blue. Still, others offer hot bonus sites as part of a network package. Now, what will you find here? All kinds of filthy skanks that are certain to help you unload your nuts in no time. Check things out and grab the best deal for you today!

Posted By Admin on 08/08/17 - Bookmark Skank Bomb

In reality while I’ve always wanted to learn how to dance I couldn’t dance to save my life. I get told that I’ve got two left feet all the time, so much so I wouldn’t dare get up and bust a groove to anything. I get so jealous seeing the guys from the Dancing Bear giving loads of women exactly what they want. These mega hunks dance seductively in front of the girls and it’s all a matter of time before something naughty starts to happen.

These guys have over 110 quality videos on offer and each one of them features willing sluts in smoking hot action. Content is 100% exclusive as well and if you’re anything like myself you’ll pay close attention to how these guys move so you might be able to pick up a few pointers. There’s much to enjoy with the videos as on average they go for around 80 minutes each, as such you can really loose yourself in the moment and of course satisfy yourself with much loving!

Right now you can save on Dancing Bear with this discount offer that’s good for instant access. Lovers of CFNM action should pay close attention to why you should already be a member of the Dancing Bear club. You’ll see and get to watch nothing but the sexiest looking girls going for it right before your very eyes!

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Posted By Rhino on 07/26/17 - Bookmark Skank Bomb

Gods Girls Discount

As you can see above, the ladies at God’s Girls are in high demand. Not just on the internet, but in the clubs, at the river, at work and everywhere else they tend to congregate. Why? Is it the tattoos? Is it the piercings? Could it be the 10 year anniversary and the steeply discounted price?

We are going with: all of the above (and more)!

Snag your own God’s Girls discount for $10 off the regular price. Or, go big and get an entire year for just $49.95 and save 79% off the regular monthly price!

What do you get as a member of this professionally shot site? Well, for starters you get over 760 of the hottest alt models on the planet. You get over 6,158 photo galleries of these awesome specimens of God’s love and grace. Plus, you get almost 270 videos shot by the girls themselves. Yes, this is a site made by the girls, shot by the girls and ruled by the girls – almost…

As a member you can also vote on future girls and whether or not they make the cut to be an official God’s Girls model!

Join in the fun and save a ton of money in the process with an all-access pass to God’s Girls. And don’t forget to bookmark PornDiscounts.com to save even more cash on over 3,500 of the hottest sites in porn.

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Posted By Admin on 07/23/17 - Bookmark Skank Bomb

Pissing in Action is one of my all-time favorite sites. Not only does it depict amazing hardcore threesomes, but it incorporates watersports into the mix, which makes it all that much sweeter!

In most porn scenes, the grand finale would be the almighty orgasm. And don’t get me wrong, I love seeing a good facial or creampie as much as the next guy, but with this site, that’s when the fun actually begins. You will see every combination of people pissing on eachother. Girl on girl, guy on girls, girls on guys, it’s truly a wet and wild time!

Use this PissinginAction.com discount to get in on the fun! This is a network discount, so you’ll save a ton of money, and you’ll get access to huge selection of videos across multiple sites, so there is truly something for everyone!


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Posted By Rhino on 07/13/17 - Bookmark Skank Bomb

Guys have been fascinated by the inner and outer workings of the vagina every since Adam and Eve. Now you can watch some of the hottest squirting action ever produced with a huge discount to Squirting Lesbian.

As a discount member you get the same access as full paying members. You also get access to an entire network of lesbian sites in the Girls Way network. All of this is only going to set you back a total of $9.95 for your first month. You won’t find a better deal anywhere else so all there is left to do is join!

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Posted By Admin on 06/07/17 - Bookmark Skank Bomb

Yorkshire is a place where you can have the time of your life, if you know where to look that is. Local guys know there’s a bunch of hot milfs in Yorkshire that are always down for a round of hot sex. These cock hungry milfs are down for public dogging, swinger sex, group fucking, if it involves a cock banging their pussies deep and hard you’d better believe that they’re going to be there ready for it.

I’d be lying if I told you guys that there’s no action to be found in Yorkshire, and I’m not about to do that. If anything there’s a shortage of local men to satisfy this influx on older milfs wanting NSA sex. If you happen to be visiting the area and want a discreet meeting this would be the perfect time to get one going as there’s tons of mature pussy wanting it hard.

Once you’ve had a little fun with those smoking hot milfs you’ll wonder why you haven’t been doing it for longer. It’s certainly an experience seeing what these girls have learnt with their age. They know what it takes to make a man cum that’s for sure, but only when their pussies have had enough action, they won’t let you blow your load until that happens!

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Posted By Admin on 05/16/17 - Bookmark Skank Bomb


Masha isn’t a girl that I’d call a skank, in fact she is one of the most sexy looking girls that I’ve ever seen. If you’re looking to find escorts in Baltimore Masha might be just the girl that you’re looking for. This delicate angel is as tempting as they get, she also knows quite a few things about what really makes a man happy. Getting time with her doesn’t come easy but does anything good ever do? putting in the effort with her is going to be rewarding in many ways, all you need to do is make a booking and find out for yourself.

At City Girls escort club you’ll find sweet looking escort girls from all over. These girls are the top independent escorts and it shows by how gorgeous they are. When you want the best you never settle for less, this is never more important as to when you’re wanting to spend time with a call girl. You don’t want to settle for second best and there’s no reason you should be. I’d be very surprised if you took the time to look around and didn’t find a girl that sparked an interest, best of all once you do find one it’s  hassle free process to make a booking with them. 

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Posted By Admin on 05/02/17 - Bookmark Skank Bomb

I’ve learned that money talks the loudest – and mostly from the scenes at BoxTruckSex! Truck sex has never been hotter with their design. Their crew heads out to busy European cities and roams the crowded sidewalks until they find a particularly hot girl. Once they find her, they chat her up and try their hardest to convince her to step back into their truck. After all, she looks hot enough to be a model, and they have the cash to pay for a woman willing to come take some shots with them in their truck.

And what woman can resist some extra money? Sometimes they even find a woman who was window shopping, and she’s even easier to convince! Once they have these hot women back into their truck, the crew just opens their wallet and offers more and more money to get these women to strip off their clothing – and most do it! I love watching and these women get naked piece by piece until they’re entirely naked in the middle of traffic. Who doesn’t love hardcore sex in public? And of course, that’s what’s coming next!

It usually takes a lot more money to get these women to agree to have truck sex, but the crew is good at what they do, and they convince her to consider it, bit by bit, as they ask her to masturbate and then move onto more intimate acts. By the time the sex has started, most of these women forget they were doing it for the money, and it’s clear that they’re really enjoying it!

Check it out. Your money will get you access to tons of public sex videos with hotties that you’re going to love.

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Posted By Admin on 04/27/17 - Bookmark Skank Bomb

There was a time in my life that I would drink liquor by the bottle and get so fucked up and horny – I’m not even sure I remember half the stupid, sexy, crazy, and completely fun shit I’m sure I did. I’m a little thankful that I grew up right before social media took over, because I’m not sure how I’d feel if I ended up being one of these teens; I’m not shy, but damn, they’re all out there for God and everyone!

Grab your Watch My GF discount for exclusive amateur teens getting wild and crazy on cam — and they’re doing it all — flashing tits, fucking outdoors, in public, in cars, on the beach, sucking cock, playing and toying each other’s pussies, and so much more. If you’ve thought it, done it, or watched it you can bet your sweet ass you’re going to see these horny teens caught in similar acts! Oh, to be young again…

Posted By Admin on 04/26/17 - Bookmark Skank Bomb


Don’t be ashamed if you have a crush on a sexy pornstar, most of us do. There’s always one special girl that gets our attention and we’re always doing our best to learn more about them. Until now other than meeting them in person there was no real way to get up close to them, as I said until now!

With virtual reality becoming something that every day people can use it opens a whole new world of xxx entertainment. For example, last night I got to spend time with my favorite VR Pornstars, guess what? we didn’t just have a blast, we had a very long night of wild sex that only ended simply because I just couldn’t bring myself to empty another load on that pretty girls body!

If I could have kept up the night would have went on into the next day. What I’m telling you guys is there’s a way for you to connect with pornstars like never before. Virtual Reality is here to stay and it’s making our lives not just better, but more hotter than we could have ever imagined!

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Posted By Admin on 04/21/17 - Bookmark Skank Bomb

blowjob -videos

I was looking for a few decent free online blowjob xxx videos and it didn’t take me long at all to discover some cock loving sluts. When a girl is giving a guy a perfect looking blowjob a few things have to happen. She always, and I mean always, has to look up at him with her puppy dog eyes. That’s like an instant cumshot for just about all men, she also has to be willing to accept the load wherever it decides to land and no matter how big or small it is!

I can’t speak for you guys but I know from personal experience that when a girl is sucking your dick so fucking nicely that cum shot at the end can happen suddenly. If you’re not expecting it or she wasn’t exactly ready for it, things can and do get nice and messy. This actually happened to me just a few days ago when my girl was wanting to give me a special treat. She told me to drop my pants and without a second thought she slid every inch of my dick inside her sweet mouth. I almost blew on the spot, but to cut a long story a little short her new dress kind of ended up a little messy if you get where I’m going with things.

I’m glad I enjoyed that blowjob though as for some reason I doubt she will be so nice to offer another one anytime soon, more so when I told her she should have swallowed the entire load! Now it’s time to get back to watching other slutty girls and viewing their blowjob skills. With the amount of action here there’s no doubt in my mind that there’s going to be a good supply of jizz loving girls to “share” the loads between them!

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Posted By Rhino on 01/29/17 - Bookmark Skank Bomb

Girls Do Porn Discount

So here is the thing… just last week this little cutie was America’s sweetheart. The shining star of Nashville. She had her whole life ahead of her and it certainly didn’t include being a porn whore. But then things went terribly wrong.

Answering an online ad for models she ended up thousands of miles from home searching for stardom and some cold hard cash. She got the cash, but the stardom still eludes her. Not to mention she is no longer enjoying her good-girl reputation she had in her hometown in Tennessee.

That is how things go at Girls Do Porn. A site that brings girls to coastal cities to enjoy some fun in the sun and then tricks them out into the skankiest sluts in porn.

For several thousands bucks this little cum whore went outside of herself, forgot her entire Christian upbringing and swallowed a cock all the way down her throat until you could see it pushing on her her Adam’s apple. How she doesn’t toss her cookies with that fat cock throating her pretty little mouth I’ll never know. One thing that is for sure is you won’t get ass raped like she did while joining this site.

Sign up with this Girls Do Porn discount for 51% in savings on the first 30 days. Stay a member and you get billed at the regular price, which is plenty worth it. But you can always cancel anytime during the 30 days and enjoy your membership without worrying about rebills.

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Posted By Admin on 01/18/17 - Bookmark Skank Bomb


Right now there’s 1000’s of housewives out there that are struggling to make ends meet. Their husbands haven’t been bringing home enough coin as such they’ve had to take matters into their own hands. These kinky milfs are willing to do just about anything on camera as long as they’re getting paid for it. See them taking it in the ass, watch them devour cock after cock as they try to satisfy their cravings for passion filled sex.

Milf Sugar Babes is where the action is and there’s a good amount of it to be found. With 30 quality videos to enjoy and some really good looking scenes they’ll get your cock harder than it’s ever been before. I usually watch videos featuring bored milf housewives who just want to cheat on their husbands, this is a good mixture of cheating but with a purpose in mind for doing it. Come and watch housewives selling themselves for sex with a MILF Sugar Babes discount!

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Posted By Admin on 12/14/16 - Bookmark Skank Bomb


Skank Bomb has you totally covered when it comes to awesome xxx porn. Today we’ve actually got you a fitting discount pass to Pervert College, it’s a site where you can watch horny coed girls doing all sorts of naughty things for the camera. These fresh little cuties really seem to turn into total sluts once they know the camera’s focused on them. They’ll suck cock, take it up the ass, in their tight pussies and anywhere else they will fit.

All this killer action comes to you from the Spizoo network and they’ll keep you entertained for hours with their delightful xxx pornstars. There’s around 60 videos on this site but loads more inside the Spizoo network, you’ll also be able to download all the xxx content you like. I even found a way for you guys to save 77% from Spizoo on Pervert College with this discount link. I for one think that’s a pretty decent deal on so much quality xxx porn!

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Posted By Admin on 11/16/16 - Bookmark Skank Bomb


Like me I think you guys will be in shock once you’ve seen these chubby lesbians getting it on live on webcam. Both girls have some really sweet looking curves and even sweeter looking pussies. Working it for the webcam they sure don’t waste time getting right to the action. Touching each other all over the girls let everyone know in the free live chat just how wet they are down below. The girls soon take care of that and each other as they take turns using sex toys on each other with total perfection.

It seems these girls are up for just about anything, and just to prove it they’re going to get a strap-on out and for the first time take turns fucking each other on webcam. I know you guys are going to go nuts for these chubby lesbians and their kinky live sex. You guys can see more of this here and get to know the girls a little better before you see them totally naked on cam!

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