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Posted By Rhino on 10/18/10 - Bookmark Skank Bomb


I was just talking with a duck hunting buddy of mine’s son. He is going to college and choses to look like what I’d call a loser. Pretty much, he looks like the guy in the foreground of the picture above. Justin Bieber haircut and sideburns… Really?

So anyway… I ask him what he likes most about college and he says with a straight face, "The sex!" I am like, what in the fuck? Is this kid for fucking real? He goes on to tell me he has six different chicks on call and regularly bangs two at a time. I tell him to prove it.

After making a three calls there are three college freshmen girls ringing the door bell. He tells them to to make out and they do! What the fuck? Have things really changed that much?

After some more discussion he tells me about a site called Dare Dorm where he learned his techniques and some guidelines on how to treat chicks in order to get them to do anything you want. I go to the site and I am amazed. These bitches will do anything for some free liquor!

Dare Dorm is college porn to the max. The coeds get paid up to $10K for a featured video. Less for pics and a lot less for grainy crap. With most cell phones shooting at 720p or more these days even the most basic videos look better than some porn sites are putting out with professional grade cameras!

While new content is sent in daily, only the best makes the cut and every two weeks the good stuff is edited into an eye-popping college porn video.

With a year already under their belt the archive has plenty for you to see. This is the future of Internet porn right here. Young hotties, real situations, spontaneity and lots and lots of teenage, barely legal flesh!

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