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Posted By Rhino on 05/27/09 - Bookmark Skank Bomb


Now this is the kind of train guys dream of driving. For all of you about to get married, close this window. You will never respect your wife to be if you keep reading!

Dancing Bear is a company that contracts dancers for birthdays, bachelorette parties and more. They send a dancing bear and the girls go wild. Why? I don’t know. If you ask me he looks remarkable like the PedoBear. Who consequently also has a large following.

The Tale of the Dancing Bear site collects all of the party footage and presents it in your typical reality site format. A high quality video backed up by some higher quality pics.

This site doesn’t update as much as I’d like so I signed up for the $4.95 trial and promptly canceled. That way I won’t forget and get billed again. But for one month the price is right to enjoy the videos they currently have available.

I talked to the owner and their update schedule will soon be weekly. I guess this thing was being run on a shoestring budget for months and only recently took off. So he now has enough money to pay photographers enough for those weekly updates.

Like I said earlier though… It is worth $24.95 and you can use the $4.95 trial to watch the videos. Enjoy!

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Well guys I think I have met my dream girl….

Incase you guys don’t get out or have never been to a frat party, tailgating or your wife just wont let you go ten feet away from her side and you don’t know what Shay Laren is about to do.

Shay is about to hit the fucking beer bong, she will put the hose in her mouth and the other babe will pour a beer or two into the funnel and  Shay will drink it. Not many girls do this let alone topless and with out panties.

I found Shay and other  hot babes showing their tits, ass and pussy in public on a site called It is all about getting to know a totally different side of your favorite Pornstars. See the hottest Aziani babes being sexy, silly, and wild in their every day lives.

At Aziani Xposed their models show you just how naughty and fun they are away from the photo sets that they normally have. Check it out I guarantee you will not find anything like any where.

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Welcome to - Indecent Exposure in over 7 states to bring you the best party footage on the web._1241191301113

Women are pretty fucking stupid for the most part. That is after all why we created Skank Bomb. To expose women in their less-than-finest moments. Like when they are drunk bitches and acting stupid… Like how they act when the College Fuck Fest crew comes to a frat house party near you!

These guys have been on Dateline, 60 Minutes, CNN and ABC News countless times. Why? Because they kick ass and they expose girls doing things guys want to see. Even after they leave college (often many years later).

It is like a law of nature. Give a chick some beer. Roll some cameras and she is ready to take off her clothes. Unlike Girls Gone Wild these girls also enjoy performing hardcore sex acts for the cameras! Don’t they have any brains? Can you imagine what Grandma and Gramps had to say about their racy behavior?

Fuck worrying about that shit. No one will ever find out she pulled a train and fucked the entire football team. Nobody… Except for you. And your buddies at work… or school… It will only be a matter of time before a concerned uncle sees that video. Crazy bastard will probably try to blackmail her into fucking him too!

The original College Fuck Fest is still the best! As a member they hook you up with access to their 20 other sites. What? Did you think they just bought coke and hookers with the money? Hell no! They invest it into more hardcore porn!

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