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Posted By Rhino on 11/28/09 - Bookmark Skank Bomb


I’ve got this buddy of mine named Brian. He swears beer pong is just a fad and that any day now the tournaments will end and the tables will end up in the 99 cent bin at Big Lots. Any day now… yeah… right…

He also says that this whole self shot porn thing is also just a fad. He might be right about this one. That is why you should enjoy this new fad while it is still here.

What is it exactly? Well, using the word exactly isn’t a good idea because it encompasses several niches. First, you take the old, tried and true stuff like candids, whether they are beach candids or just coed party shots and then you splice in pornography shot by the girls themselves.

That last part usually consists of sexting. Which is porn shot by the girls and sent as a text picture attachment to their boyfriends. Girls always see their boyfriends as being a lot more gentlemanly than they really are. So the pics usually end up on the Internet…

That is where Obsessed With Myself comes in. These guys collect all of these pics and make them available in one convenient location. Convenient, an important part of the whole equation. You could probably see a lot of this stuff by surfing the net for free. However, it would take months of surfing to track this shit down. Why waste all of your time doing that when these guys have it all in one spot and you can try it for FREE?

Now that Obsessed With Myself is growing in popularity, along with the entire niche, the girls are submitting the pics and videos themselves! They send so much porn in that frequently has to close the submit page so they can catch up!

As a member you also get access to their hacked Myspace, hacked Facebook and hacked Photobucket accounts. These are pics the girls never intended anyone to see. Obsessed With Myself employed a little known trick to get inside these accounts via a backdoor and are making the treasures inside available to the entire world.

I love these guys!

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It is a rare occasion when a site nails down a name so well as the folks at Drunk Attention Whores have done. The site focuses on coeds that become total sluts once you add alcohol. The kind of slut that wants all of the attention no matter how skanky it makes her look.

Granted, not all of the girls are in situation where they look like total skanks. The girls above actually look quite hot. Who wouldn’t want to Jello wrestle these two hotties?

The majority of the content at Drunk Attention Whores contains coeds that have surpassed their personal limit for alcohol consumption. These girls are at the point where shame fades away and anything goes.

Drunk Attention Whores is part of a three site network. Each site contains candid photos, as well as, self shot content. There are as many as eight updates a week across the board.

The sites have a growing archive of homemade (or dorm room made) porn that is plenty worth the price of admission. Take the recurring option and get each site for less than $9 each. Then cancel and your membership will still be good until the end of the month.

Happy stroking!

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