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Posted By Rhino on 05/30/13 - Bookmark Skank Bomb


I hear it all of the time. Fans of my blogs are always sending me Emails telling me about how they would love to direct a porno movie. Some even send me some pretty detailed scripts. The only problem is that I don’t shoot porn. I just write about it. But that can all change – for all of us!

Get in on the hottest new niche to hit the porno-sphere. It is called interactive porn and just as it sounds, it allows you to direct the action. With regular porn (oh God. Now there is a distinction) you watch and follow the same boring plotlines over and over again. With this new stuff you can choose alternate paths and end up with a completely different script every time you watch.

Right now you can even try the system completely free. Once you start playing with the interactive POV porn module you will be hooked. I know I am. I can’t wait for this thing to go 3-D because that would make it too insane for words to describe.

Get ready for the next generation of porn!

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Posted By Rhino on 05/30/13 - Bookmark Skank Bomb


Looking at the title I wish I had captured this girls bright smile. Instead I was focusing on capturing a shot of her vertical smile between her legs. She kept letting her pussy peak out and I am a sucker for trying to catch a glimpse of a girls wayward pussy.

I have met and enjoyed the view of many skanks in my lifetime. I had a next door neighbor that was real lose with her pussy peaks. She never learned to sit right in a skirt so there I was spending all of my time trying to peak at her panties. Since she often went commando around the house I also got to see her bare pussy often.

These days I don’t have to spend so much time trying to hunt down a glimpse of pussy. Now I can go online to sites like and find dozens of girls sharing their sweet nothings for free. There is a trick to this and I don’t mind spilling it so long as you don’t get this thing nixed.

First go to Need Girl and wait until the page populates with all of their naked cam girls. Now for the magical part. Look towards the top and to the right just a little bit where it says the word Features and select Gold Show from the list. You should be looking at a page filled with models doing these kinds of shows.

This is the money shot right here, guys. Hold down your CTRL key and click on the girls that interest you. Now surf the tabs that were opened and find the girls with show timers that are about to expire. The closer they get to the time running out the more frisky they get in order to hit their tipping target.

Now you have tab after tab of free pussy!

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Posted By Rhino on 05/22/13 - Bookmark Skank Bomb


I like girls like Kleio. Not because she has a radical name. I like girls like her because she doesn’t pull any punches. What you see is what you get and what I am seeing is a total skank looking to get her ass whipped in more ways then one.

Some would look at Kleio and assume that maybe she had a hard upbringing or that she was "touched" by some male figure in her family and it set her on a path of destruction. Wrong! She will tell you that she comes from an Ivy League family of doctors and lawyers. She wasn’t molested or otherwise tainted at an early age. Kleio just got tired of all of the "bullshit" that went with being born to a rich family and rebelled against everything it entailed.

You can watch her poke her ass for your enjoyment for as little as three bucks. She does live sex chats in a system called a gold show. It allows you to watch $200 worth of sex for almost nothing.

The way it works is there might be dozens of guys tipping her the minimum $3 and a few that tip her more out of the goodness of their hearts. My heart is cold so I keep it to the bare minimum. Once the ticker shows the amount she wants to start the show you get to sit back and watch the action!

Get in on the action or continued to get scammed with those other cam sites that make you pay the full $200. Its totally up to you!

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Posted By Rhino on 05/10/13 - Bookmark Skank Bomb

Growing up I am sure just about everybody who knew Scarlett knew she would eventually become some kind of skank. Either she would be hooking or she would be dancing in some club. Back then nobody knew the Internet would catch on and that she would be doing the latter online. Have her dance a little dance just for you as you engage in some porn chat on one of the hottest sites on the net, Live Sex Cams XXX!

We all know somebody who reminds us of a girl like Scarlett. Some of my best memories while growing up began with girls like her. Everybody enjoys a flirty, daring, spunky girl that is fun to be around. Just don’t fall too much in love with them. They are also adept at breaking hearts in the worst possible way.

At any given time there are often well over 500 live cam girls ready to make you feel special. Many of them will get very dirty in the free chat rooms, but still, there are a lot of them that won’t. A good rule of thumb is to find a girl you really like and go private with her. Do this two or three times and she will then feel connected to you. Make her feel special as well and the rewards will be overflowing. I have a stable of girls that will now do shows for me in the free area.

Cam girls are like anybody else really. You can take that two ways. Like most women they want somebody to respect them. Also like the full array of women out there in the world there is a small percentage that don’t want to be respected. What this leaves you is plenty of women to wrap around your finger either by plastering them with your compliments or by plastering them with your cum.

Find the girl that will make your night something you will want to remember. Have a porn chat with available girls right now!

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