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Posted By Rhino on 04/24/10 - Bookmark Skank Bomb


I am a fan of MythBusters. It is a TV show on the Discovery Channel that seeks out urban legends and tries to debunk them with pure science.

OK… Reality check time. I am not really a fan of MythBusters per se. I am a fan of Kari Byron. The spicy redhead on the show. Since she doesn’t do a whole lot of taking clothes off for the camera the next best thing is Scarlett Pain. The girl above.

Scarlett Pain does make it a habit to get naked when cameras are around and so she will have to be our stand in. Or lay in. Or kneel before… or… you get the idea!

You could say that Scarlett is used to pain. After all, she has been pierced and tattooed numerous times. Her nipples are pierced, as well as, her clit. So I am pretty sure you could say this girl gets kinky and it’d be true.

This is a good thing. No, make that a great thing, because as Kari’s stand in, she makes for a perfect skank! Nobody tunes into the show and wants to see Martha Stuart. No! You watch because Kari is a redhead and that usually means you are in for some crazy sex!

Scarlett Pain is into kinky stuff and so are a lot of her friends. Friends? Yeah, you get access to all of them with your membership. Girls with big tits, small tits, medium tits and washboard chests. Kinky girls, good girls and good girls being bad. They have it all!

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Posted By Rhino on 04/09/10 - Bookmark Skank Bomb


Both the riddle and its solution are ages old and well known by just about every hot blooded male in the world. What can be better than a hottie with sweet tits and a tight snatch? Two of them at the same time!

Obsessed With Myself receives submissions from over achieving Casanova’s and puts them on display for you. It is a beautiful time to be alive, my friend. We all know the hottest part of Hustler magazine is the Beaver Hunt section. Previously the only way to wet your whistle on these kinds of candid photos was a 2 to 4 page section in the back of a monthly magazine!

With Obsessed With Myself you get access to new updates several times a week. The entire archive is made up of homemade videos, candid photos, Spring Break photos and videos, and much, much more!

Grab your pass and enjoy watching these two go down on each other. One of the best parts of Obsessed With Myself is the photo series. You don’t just get one candid, you get the entire session and let me tell you, that girl on top has one long tongue!

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