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College FuckFest1 
We all have imagined, indulged or had friends that have wanted to be at any wild College Fuck Fest fraternity or sorority party. Taking advantage of the girls that are drinking and pretending to not know what their doing. When all along they are just as horny as we are and just want an excuse.  Just like this college crashing whore in the pic above giving a great fuck show for all the party goers. is the original and still the best hardcore party site on the web. The College Fuck Fest crew is world famous for traveling the country to bring us the best party footage on the world wide web.

College Fuck Fest  is so well known they have been featured on television shows like 60minutes, Dateline, and CNN. Some pitfalls in the efforts to get the best party action that could acquire was being arrested for Lewd conduct, and indecent exposure in over 7 states.

Enjoy the free sample video clips of these College Party crashing Sinners with fresh young college minds getting over powered by their sexual craving. Continue on to the main page for the College Fuck Fest tour of all the drunk college students fucking in public!

For less than $1 for a 3 day trial membership you will get unlimited bonus access to all 20+ other fully exclusive sites! It just doesn’t get better than that!

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When your skanky bitch cheats on you it sucks ass. I mean it really sucks ass. How can you ever trust her again?

This post isn’t about that… Nawww… I wouldn’t do that to you guys.

No, this post is about being the guy that cheats with a skanky whore.

"But isn’t that the same thing?" I can hear you saying…

Hell NO! Believe or not we are animals. If some divine being actually had control over us we wouldn’t kill people because we got bumped in the head as a child. We wouldn’t act differently through puberty because hormones would have no effect on our emotions. Face the facts man, we are animals and animals like to fuck. When was the last time your dog got married?

So anyway… Backstabbing Sluts is about the skanks that fuck their best friend’s boyfriend. It is a great site because fucking two skanks is way better than only fucking one. Period.

How many times have you fantasized about fucking your wife’s friends? Have you ever caught yourself saying, "Damn, I picked the wrong one. ALL of her friends are so much hotter than she is… FUCK!"

Then Backstabbing Sluts is for you.

Have you ever been introduced to your girlfriends family and her smoking hot MILF aunt wants to jump your bones? Did you do it? If you said yes, relive the moment at Backstabbing Sluts. If you said no, you fucking idiot! Don’t worry, you can still get an idea of what it would have been like at Backstabbing Sluts.

No matter what the situation is, Backstabbing Sluts has you covered. They update weekly so there is always something new and they have an archive of past skanky episodes.

Check out the join page too. There you can read about the 10 sites you get by joining They include sites like Secretary Hoes, Sloppy Gaggers, Sperm Blasters, Over 18 Under 21 and my personal fav, Japan Dreams. Real Japanese schoolgirls getting banged for your enjoyment. How great is that?

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Posted By Rhino on 06/07/08 - Bookmark Skank Bomb

I love Spring Break. So many chicks just waiting to take their tops off and some of them are willing to go completely naked! These two babes are from a wet-tshirt contest at our hotel. I am the one sitting to the left.

There must have been twenty chicks jumping at the chance to win $500. Not enough to pay for their college books, but plenty enough to pay for their Spring Break trip. They actually had to turn away about twenty more chicks vying for the money.

When I take amateur pics at these kinds of events I upload them to my favorite candid pics web site, The place is loaded with candid beach pics, Spring Break pics and party girls getting drunk and stupid.

Along with pics they also have videos too.

I don’t have to pay to view the pics at CandidOgraphy because I post pics there, but you don’t have to be a photographer to be a member of CandidOgraphy. They recently opened it up to the public for a monthly fee. Now everyone can enjoy what I have been enjoying for the past four years.

During their four years of existence CandidOgraphy has collected what I consider to be the world’s largest collection of candid beach photography every assembled.

Anyone that likes girls in bikinis or wants to experience Spring Break without leaving home needs a pass to CandidOgraphy!

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God damn… Uhh ohhh! Bitch fight!

OK, OK, OK settle down… It ain’t what it looks like…

Hey, you would look like that if you just got poked from behind too.

Right? Wrong? Yeah… I am right.

Those two bitches are Meggan and Zaley. They like hard sex. Really hard. Like Jesus Fucking Christ get off me bitch! Now put it in the other hole you slutty whore! And these bitches get off on this kind of shit.

Well, I can’t say it like that because let’s be honest. We get off on that shit too. Only we ain’t the ones getting drilled.

At Matt’s Models you get it all. Crazy chicks that just like to party. So long as your definition of party is drip, drip, drop there goes an air-gasm. has been in business since 1999. Nineteen-fucking-nine! That is like year three in Internet years. It might as well be the beginning because back then web pages were all gray, and the entire site was all on one long continuous page. Graphics? They didn’t exist. We were all on modems…

And there was Matt’s Models. Pioneering porn.

The founder of Facebook was twelve years old. MySpace wasn’t even an idea… and there was Matt’s Models.


Aye…. I mention the timeline because Matt’s Models updates daily. That is nine years of updates. You have never seen a porn collection like this. Matt’s Models is one of a kind because he has been doing it since the beginning.

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