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College ain’t cheap, but these kids have found a way to cover a lot of the bills. It’s called the Dare Dorm and it is your chance to see what goes on in college dormitories!

Dare Dorm paid these college coeds 10K to video tape their sexual escapades and carnal debauchery. You have to love the Internet, without it we would have tons of college porn to remember the good times or fantasize about times that never happened!

Take the tour and try the $4.95 trial. You can cancel online and get instant confirmation. No more making embarrassing phone calls to live operators… Unless you are into that sort of thing!

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Party slut get fucked and covered in cum!

Without alcohol the average dude is way kinkier than his female coed counterpart. With alcohol he doesn’t stand a chance. There is something about getting drunk that makes college coeds want to make some pretty raunchy college porn!

Take the girl above as an example. This babe normally wouldn’t blow her man in front of the frat boys. Add some juice and she can’t get enough of his cock!

College Teens paid this drunk lass five-thousand dollars to rock out with her boyfriends cock… in… in everything. Her mouth, her vag, her ass and back in that cute little mouth of her again. Was it worth it? Well, from where I am sitting it looks worth it to me!

Tag along and watch some of the craziest college porn ever created and get every other site on the Porn Pros network! In addition to College Teens you also get 18 Years Old, Freaks of Cock and dozens more!

The Porn Pros have been adding a new site to their network each month and already have over 20 sites for you to enjoy. They target the kinky shit, the raunchy shit, the fucking exciting shit!

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I was just talking with a duck hunting buddy of mine’s son. He is going to college and choses to look like what I’d call a loser. Pretty much, he looks like the guy in the foreground of the picture above. Justin Bieber haircut and sideburns… Really?

So anyway… I ask him what he likes most about college and he says with a straight face, "The sex!" I am like, what in the fuck? Is this kid for fucking real? He goes on to tell me he has six different chicks on call and regularly bangs two at a time. I tell him to prove it.

After making a three calls there are three college freshmen girls ringing the door bell. He tells them to to make out and they do! What the fuck? Have things really changed that much?

After some more discussion he tells me about a site called Dare Dorm where he learned his techniques and some guidelines on how to treat chicks in order to get them to do anything you want. I go to the site and I am amazed. These bitches will do anything for some free liquor!

Dare Dorm is college porn to the max. The coeds get paid up to $10K for a featured video. Less for pics and a lot less for grainy crap. With most cell phones shooting at 720p or more these days even the most basic videos look better than some porn sites are putting out with professional grade cameras!

While new content is sent in daily, only the best makes the cut and every two weeks the good stuff is edited into an eye-popping college porn video.

With a year already under their belt the archive has plenty for you to see. This is the future of Internet porn right here. Young hotties, real situations, spontaneity and lots and lots of teenage, barely legal flesh!

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If there is one thing this world is lacking, it is good looking girls willing to make Paris Hilton style movies. That won’t be a problem for you when you join My POV GF.

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I want to POV Fuckers Keanni Lei, she is a cute little Asian banger.  What is awesome about the POV sight is I get a courtside view of my little love getting rammed but not penetrated in this sample.

Now on the website is an entirely different story, but I am still reeling from the pain of another dude taking advantage of little Keanni.  There is something empowering about having a cock the same size as the chicks arm that you are about to bang, oddly enough with the views of POV Fuckers that is what I initially saw in this picture.

So for my professional porn surfers this site offers a bold and different view, everything is on point and it is less of the dude and more of what our chicks are doing.  POV Fuckers is waiting for you to get the point, of view that is. 

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POV Fuckers is a site for all you mother fuckers out there who like to get straight to the shit and stay there.  POV : Point of View, I had to look that up. 

Someone sent me some links for this site and I was like POV Fuckers what the hell is that, I deleted it and said what the fuck are you sending me POV shit, what is that People on vacation.  I was like that doesn’t even sound interesting how am I going to post that shit.  So they sent it again, dude download the images.

So I open the e-mail, clicked yes download the images, no not automatically this fucker will send me some pictures of midgets banging sheeps or some shit like that.  So I open it and I was like damn, they have some hot chicks and they are straight to the business.  I wasn’t until I went t the sight that I found out what the hell POV Fuckers stood for.

I know the sample picture is not the greatest, but when you play the video it gets cleaner and if you go to POV Fuckers its way crisper.  So do yourself a favor and take a look, if you don’t have time to fuck around this is your place.

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