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One night Amanda’s father scolded her with, “You little sexual deviant. You are a sick little pervert!” She was humping the dog. No, not that way you sicko! She was riding his back when she noticed it felt good on her little clitty so she purposefully ran her hips back and forth on him until she came. Her dad had walked in just as her orgasm hit making it subside way too quickly. She was very upset.

To get back at her overbearing father AmandaPervert devised a plan. She knew her daddy was just as naughty as she was. So Amanda waited until she heard her daddy watching porn in his room while mommy was at the store. She busted into his room just as he was about to cum. Startled he tried to hide his raging hardon from his daughter. She pulled the sheets clean off of the bed exposing his dirty fat cock.

In a sexy voice she told him it was time to show his daughter what he was doing. He didn’t want to, but she was so perky and hot like her mom was back in her day. And that is how Amanda became a dominatrix.

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