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Posted By Rhino on 06/25/10 - Bookmark Skank Bomb


Here at Skank Bomb we do a lot of talking about skank bitches. Today we are going to talk about skanky mother fuckers. Well… actually, skanky teen fuckers!

From the same people that brought you Sleep Creep and 18 Years Old come a site called Massage Creep. The owner runs a massage parlor where the ladies aren’t the only things that need massaging. Hey, that pecker ain’t going massage itself!

Anyway… When the girls drift into slumber or just total relaxation he breaks out the pheromone oil. The phero-what? Yeah… Big words! It is an oil lased with stuff that causes chicks hormones to go haywire. Before long her pussy is wet and her nipples ache for attention. Don’t believe me? The proof is in the videos above, buddy!

Massage Creep updates weekly and is part of a rapidly growing network. These guys try to turn out another new site every month! Most of the sites are in their own niche and some even create whole new genres!

Grab your pass to the Porn Pros and put boredom behind you!

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Before college Ivy and Melanie shared just about anything and everything two hot teens could share with each other. They both popped each others hymens so that boys wouldn’t call them prudes for being virgins, they both gave each other their first orgasm and now they are ready to share a boy together!

Teen BFF seeks out teen girls that are willing to do their first threesome on camera. These girls are used to having sex with one another, but doing it on camera? That is where the giggling begins!

Neither girl was giggling for long once that hard cock came out to greet them. I guess there isn’t a lot you can say when you have eight inches of man meat in your little teen mouth.

As a Teen BFF member you also get access to 18 Years Old and Jurassic Cock. The Porn Pros network is always growing and they try to add one new site a month. Sites cover a variety of niches like Freaks of Cock and 40 oz Bounce.

Don’t join another site until you have experienced what the Porn Pros have lined up for you!

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chick fights are the best

So I am doing the Internet equivelent of flipping through the channels and come across Queen of the Hood. It has tons and tons of videos of chicks fighting!

I don’t know about you, but I have always enjoyed watching girls duke it out. Even when they are at their meanest they are still chicks and that is hot. Plus, there is the whole thing about how they like to strip each other down!

Queen of the Hood is part of a larger network of sites that are both shocking and red-hot amazing!

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Tubs tells this crime boss bitch to suck his nuts and she does it!

Is that Detective Ricardo Tubbs getting his nuts sucked by a Cuban whore?


At Naked Movie they take your favorite box office hits, and TV shows and turn them into crazy pornos!

They are always adding new stuff and currently have episodes for Star Trek, Harold and Kumar, Super Bad and many more. Plus, members of Naked Movie also get access to the entire Muffia network!

Sites like Its eal will blow your mind and stuff like Molly’s Life and Kristen’s Life will have your cock standing at attention. Hell, it might even give a, yes, maam, here and there!

Stop what you are doing and take the Naked Movie tour. This shit is fucking crazy!

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