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Posted By Rhino on 07/27/09 - Bookmark Skank Bomb


A buddy of mine has a girlfriend that happened upon my blog. He probably left the browser open and she got nosey. She didn’t appreciate my use of the term Skank. Too bad, bitch. I am sure if her PMS riddled ass was writing a gossip column her terms of endearment for the male species wouldn’t be too far from calling us skanks.

If you want real skanks and no scripts you need to check out Teen GFs. This site is full of skanky whores that love to show off their stuff. In the masturbation videos above you get to see this bitch bang her own pussy for her boyfriend. Unfortunately for her, when they broke up the video got leaked to the Internet. Now she is a star… haha

I can laugh because I won’t be at her next family reunion. I am sure this whole playing with herself on the Internet thing will go over well. Along with laughing I can also get excited. This skank is fucking hot!

Some of the video could be cleaned up, but it is all amateur footage. These chicks really do this shit for their boyfriends and believe them when they tell them they would never share it. Dumb bitches!

Everything at Teen GFs is updated daily and the content is categorized in a couple of different niches like blowjob videos and self shot pics. These guys also hit Spring Break this year and captured a ton of pics and vids they showcase in the members area.

No more spending hundreds on hotels in Florida, these guys bring all of the bitches to your computer monitor!

Posted By Rhino on 07/23/09 - Bookmark Skank Bomb

I have to say, there has never been a better time to be in the kank business. And, Gracie Glam makes for one hot little skank!

She was willing to take cock in every orifice and ended up with a sticky cream pie and a fist full of cash. How? Gracie was crazy enough to take the Bikini Party challenge!

What is the Bikini Party challenge?

The Bikini Party crew puts together a hot set of bikini babes that think they are part of a contest. Well… they are part of a contest! Only not the kind of glamour modeling contest they had in mind.

Girls like Gracie Glam take things to another level once they find out the only way they can score cash at the Bikini Party is by showing off their unique talents in the sack. Hey, why have this contest be any different than Miss America?

Hot babes and skimpy bikinis make this site a winner. Unfortunately there are not many Bikini Party episodes yet. Technically this site hasn’t even opened yet!

Here at Skank Bomb we found a way to experience the site anyway!

Click on a Bikini Party link and it will drop you off at the Reality Kings network. You get 18 amazing porn sites for the price of one. Not only that, you also get sites from the Muffia network too! Just stay a member of Reality Kings and Muffia sites will be added to your membership!

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I bet most of you have never been to a bowling alley that ended up turning into a hardcore party. Where chicks get completely naked and start giving blow jobs and fuck right there on the spot.

That kind of shit only happens when you invite some whores and the guys at know those kind of girls. That is why when ever they get together it turns out just like the picture above.

The cool thing is that if you just happen to be there like the guy above you get some action. If you are like me and are not lucky like that you will just have to get a membership to Hardcore Partying and enjoy the wild sex party from your house.

At least you will not have to worry about your wife finding out you banged some random slut and you get to keep half of your shit. So play it smart and get a membership to today.

Posted By Rhino on 07/01/09 - Bookmark Skank Bomb


Take one of the world’s craziest celebrations, Mardi Gras, and pair it up with one of the world’s wildest porn sites, College Fuck Fest, and you have the trappings of something truly amazing to watch!

Girls get pretty loose at Mardi Gras, after all, they lose their shirts for a string of beads. When you add in the horny mother fuckers from College Fuck Fest they do more than just show their tits. They blow cock, do it doggystyle and once in a while they do each other too!


College Fuck Fest has been following chicks at Frat parties for years. They have been featured in conservative mainstream media like CNN and in liberal media like Howard Stern, FHM, Maxim and more. You don’t get this many people talking about you because you suck.

Well, make that, the guys running the show don’t suck. The girls do however, as you can see above. They suck, fuck, take it anal, lick each other. You name it, they do it. Anything to become famous!

Every week a new party is added and each of the videos is broken down into smaller clips. That doesn’t mean you cannot download it in its entirety if you so choose. Videos are available in a variety of formats to play on a variety of devices including an iPhone.

As a member of College Fuck Fest you also get access to the entire line of sites these guys run. While College Fuck Fest is an unscripted cock blowing, barrel of fun the other sites feature more true reality and some honest to goodness, old fashioned porn.

Grab a College Fuck Fest pass and see what all of the hoopla is about!

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