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Posted By Rhino on 12/14/06 - Bookmark Skank Bomb
Drunk On Camera Candice

Most people after seeing these two girls in action would think that they have had to much to drink, but not us at SkankBomb this is what we live for. There are only a few things hotter then seeing two girls Drunk On Camera making out with their nice hand full size breast hanging out and at this time the only think I can think about is the two girls, so I guess it’s the hottest thing.

This has to be by far one of the best partying sites out there. They have nothing but real girls no models on this site. You can find girls like these two serving you food at your local Chili’s . . . The only thing is that they have a lot less clothing on when they appear Drunk On Camera but hey that is just the way we like them.

The guys over at only go to the wildest parties so they can get you 100% totally uncensored drunk bitches. I am telling they have the hottest drunk girls ever caught on a camera and you get a new update every day not every week like most sites do . . . Imagine you get see the dirtiest and nastiest content on the net, what more could you ask for.

I’ll tell you what try the 3 day pass for $4.95 and when you decide you like it then go and get the full access pass to, that way you can get access to 19 other sites just for becoming a full member.

Then when your done signing up all you need is to get your self the best male sex toy out there the FleshLight, it feels like a real pussy, trust me I have one and it’s a must have. After that you will have your self by far the best Christmas you have ever had.

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Posted By Rhino on 12/03/06 - Bookmark Skank Bomb
College Wild Parties Kelly

Watching all the College Football games on Saturday, made me think back to when I was in College . . . Those were the good old days, I remember all of the Wild College Parties me and my boys would go to and all of the crazy shit we would see, so I decided to surf the web and see if the parties are as crazy as they were when I was there and let me tell you they have just gotten crazier.

As I was on the net looking, I ran across this site called College Wild Partie. They have some of the hottest college girls I have ever seen and some average girl next door looking ones and loads of hardcore action. What more could you want out of a site?

College Wild Parties has an update every week with images and pictures of wild parties, sexy college girls and a shit load of hardcore action. They have picture sets of all the parties that are quite clear and everyone in the pictures seems to be having lots of fun just like an actual party should be.

If your looking for just another College Fuck Fest then sorry this site is not for you but if you’re into seeing young, impressionable co-eds getting drunk and fucking then I highly recommend to you. If you want quality girls and videos, raw sex and 17 bonus sites that you will get for becoming a member then I highly recommend getting your membership now.

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In The VIP

Ever been at a night club and seen lady after lady walk right past you and straight into the VIP room, and wonder what the fuck goes on in there and how you can get in it?

Well let me tell you there is a site out there called that is dedicated to showing you what really goes on in the VIP room. They get into the hottest night clubs across the country, some how get into their VIP room and a couple of drinks later the party goes just crazy. Just look at the picture, do you think those bitches would do that on the dance floor?. Hell no.

That kind of shit only happens in the VIP room and the guys at bring you tons of parties like this. When you go the club with your boys all you want to do is get drunk and find a hot little whore that you can end up fucking right? If you ever got in the VIP room, you would see that it’s not a matter of finding that one whore that is so drunk you can hit it, it’s now which one and where in that room can you do her.

So if your like one of those guys in the pic looking up into the VIP room, you need to stop looking and get, that way your not looking up at that shit now you’re in it looking at all the drunk bitches.

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Posted By Rhino on 12/01/06 - Bookmark Skank Bomb
College Fuck Fest Amber

All right you guys lets the party started . . . College Fuck Fest is the official hardcore College website. I am telling the shit you see on this site will blow your mind. I know we have all been to at least one party in our life time but I can guarantee they were noting like the ones they have on the site.

In you will find that all the people you see on the site are 100% real student from real colleges, not some washed up porn star and all of their content is shot at real Frat houses. It’s not like all of those other sites that shoot their content in a warehouse.

It’s funny because when the crew first gets their everyone is a bit shy, but as the night goes on and the drinking gets started they start to open up and they start to get really wild, watch and see what a little alcohol will do to people.

The best reality porn site out there has to be hands down. These guys are willing to travel all over the country to bring you the best party footage on the web. It’s not just your typical tits and ass flashing bullshit, they catch real college girls going all the way!!!

When you become a member of College Fuck Fest you will get access to . . . Voyer movies, weekly updates, exclusive content, high quality movies and best of you will get access to 16 other sites just for being a member. So stop wasting your time and money with all of those other sites and join now.

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