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Posted By Rhino on 08/29/09 - Bookmark Skank Bomb


I have to say. I really enjoyed my last year of high school and all of the Trashed Girlfriends. You know the drill. Since your girlfriend is a senior and legally an adult she thinks she knows it all. Like some fairy came by and waived a wand and all of a sudden your girlfriend can handle her liquor – NOT!

At Trashed Girlfriends you get daily updates of hot teens and college coeds getting crazy stupid because they can’t handle their alcohol. The perfect definition of a Skank if I ever saw one.

All of the content is broken down so you can surf what you are looking for. Categories like Spring Break, Wet T-Shirt Contests, College Coed Parties, Sorority Parties, Solo Drunks Sluts, etc will have you spewing in your shorts!

This isn’t one of those staged sites where everything is supposedly reality. These girls and their ex-boyfriends send this shit in on a daily basis. So much content they often have to close the join form for the later part of the day!

Don’t have a girlfriend? No problem. You can watch my Trashed Girlfriend stick a Corona bottle up her crotch.

Both holes!

Crazy Bitch!

Posted By Rhino on 08/22/09 - Bookmark Skank Bomb


Burger, fries and a cock. Don’t bother her, she’s blowing!

Money Talks goes out onto the streets of Miami and finds women willing to go outside themselves for cash. They shed their clothes and get paid for flashing their snatches in public. Some like Jessi Stone above go even further than that!

Jessi is a waitress at a corner diner and she has a lot of trouble making the ends meet. Like most women in her position she doesn’t make a whole lot of money. No problem. Money Talks has a position for her.

The Money Talks crew started throwing cash at this blonde waitress until she finally broke. Figuratively speaking of course because after she started blowing the camera guy she wasn’t broke anymore!

amateur-sex is part of the Reality Kings network of 28 eye popping sites. Every niche is covered from MILF with MILF Hunter to big tits with Big Naturals. You won’t find a more complete network of sites that updates with fresh content three times a day!

Posted By Rhino on 08/08/09 - Bookmark Skank Bomb


Ever been to a wet t-shirt contest? It is like going to another planet. Chicks get pretty freaky when they get drunk and desire attention from the crowd. Suddenly chicks that normally put their hair in a bun and wear “crisp” clothing in the office let-it-all-hang-out in the club!

It is an atmosphere usually associated with Spring Break and college crowds, but this sort of thing happens all over the USA every weekend and often on Thursday nights too. Call it America’s perpetual three day weekend.

Sometimes you don’t have time to hit the bar and lets face it, even when you do, it is only a moment in time. Unless you bring your camera along and have a good one at that, you end up only “thinking” about what it was like when those chicks got naked.

With sites like Wild Club Videos you don’t have to “think” anymore. You have hundreds of videos and tens of thousands of pictures are your fingertips. Everything is only a few mouse clicks away and you can download everything to your own hard drive so you can view it years later!

Plus, with your Wild Club Videos password you get access to a network of porn including a site built around amateur porn tapes. So now you get to see what these ladies do after the wet t-shirt contest is over!

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