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Posted By Rhino on 07/27/09 - Bookmark Skank Bomb


A buddy of mine has a girlfriend that happened upon my blog. He probably left the browser open and she got nosey. She didn’t appreciate my use of the term Skank. Too bad, bitch. I am sure if her PMS riddled ass was writing a gossip column her terms of endearment for the male species wouldn’t be too far from calling us skanks.

If you want real skanks and no scripts you need to check out Teen GFs. This site is full of skanky whores that love to show off their stuff. In the masturbation videos above you get to see this bitch bang her own pussy for her boyfriend. Unfortunately for her, when they broke up the video got leaked to the Internet. Now she is a star… haha

I can laugh because I won’t be at her next family reunion. I am sure this whole playing with herself on the Internet thing will go over well. Along with laughing I can also get excited. This skank is fucking hot!

Some of the video could be cleaned up, but it is all amateur footage. These chicks really do this shit for their boyfriends and believe them when they tell them they would never share it. Dumb bitches!

Everything at Teen GFs is updated daily and the content is categorized in a couple of different niches like blowjob videos and self shot pics. These guys also hit Spring Break this year and captured a ton of pics and vids they showcase in the members area.

No more spending hundreds on hotels in Florida, these guys bring all of the bitches to your computer monitor!

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