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Sluts? Nawwww!

Why is it that everybody immediately jumps to that conclusion every time they see two coeds stripping and getting frisky with each other? Can’t two college hotties go down on one another at a party without everybody being all judgmental?

Then again… they do look really slutty!

When you want true college porn you go to College True Life. Why fake it when there are already tons of kids out there sexting their shit all over the Internet? Sure, you might be able to find some of this stuff on your own, but then time is money!

Save your time, your money and your marriage by joining. Yeah, it costs a buck to try it out, but it will be the best dollar you have ever spent. College True Life updates daily and provides you with more niches than just college!

From beach candids to night club upskirts on the dance floor, this site is a voyeurs dream come true!

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Talk about being In The VIP. It doesn’t get any better than balls deep inside a hottie like Tasha Reign. Her big tits, shapely ass and blonde locks make VIP adventuring hot and heavy!

With an In The VIP password you get uncensored access inside VIP rooms in the hottest clubs of Miami. The things women will do when they get drunk will blow your mind and your goo-wad! updates weekly with a new video featuring girl on girl action, boy/girl action and group sex that’d make Sodomites blush! Plus, with your membership you get unlimited access to all of the sites in the Reality Kings network!

Sites include Money Talks, VIP Crew, Big Naturals, Pure 18, 40 Inch Plus, MILF Hunter, Street Blowjobs and more!

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Antonya on zoliboy

Zoliboy = Masturbation.  Do you like watching girls pleasure themselves. 

Well here you go, Zoliboy gives you up close and personal view of girls using every tool ever made for self pleasuring.  When you tired of that you can find the galleries that show a fuck fest, one on one, two on one, name it and it is done.

So go to the fuck fest that is Zoliboy and enjoy the up close and personal views to the fullest.

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They said it was just a fad. That it would come and go like poker did. Well, I have news for you people, I still play beer pong every weekend and play poker as much, if not more often!

Today we will focus on the ultimate beer pong game: Strip Beer Pong!

It can be said that I am not exactly single. I’m almost 40 so I think it would look odd if I hung out around the college dorms looking for hotties to play strip beer pong with. During the summer months I might get lucky if one breaks out at the river… but that is about it.

But it doesn’t have to be. At Party All Star the girls don’t mind if dirty old men like you and I gawk at their nakedness. In fact, they’d feel sad if we didn’t exist. They’d have to go back to waitressing and let’s be honest, getting naked on the Internet is so much more fun and pays so much better!

Party All Star features videos and picture sets in HD. Everything can be one-click downloaded. The girls range from professionals to brand new girls looking to get into the industry. Each girl does several picture sets and several videos!

Along with your Party All Star access you get access to the solo sites of the girls above! Misty Gates is my personal fav. So petite and spunky, I swear she can knock 10 years off of your age and really brighten even the most gloomy of Mondays!

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There are two types of girls in the world. There is the scandalous bitch ones that go all bi-polar on your ass when you check out their hot friends and there are the cool ones that invite their friends over to “meat” with you!

Teen BFF is all about the later type of girls. The ones that don’t mind sharing and enjoy fingering their friends just as much as you do. You have plenty of choices when it comes to college porn. should definitely be in your stable of sites you go to when you want to see hot coed threesomes with lots of girl on girl action!

This is where I mention the rest of the network. With a password to Teen BFF you get the entire Porn Pros network. Sites like 18 Years Old and Jurassic Cock will leave you wondering why you haven’t been jacking off to this level of quality porn before!

Now add in sites like Freaks of Cock and 40oz Bounce. Finally somebody created some porn you can share at the water cooler! Oh, shit, I almost forgot… You CAN literally share it on your phone because they have videos that play on phones too!

Go get your stroke on at Teen BFF!

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I was just talking with a duck hunting buddy of mine’s son. He is going to college and choses to look like what I’d call a loser. Pretty much, he looks like the guy in the foreground of the picture above. Justin Bieber haircut and sideburns… Really?

So anyway… I ask him what he likes most about college and he says with a straight face, "The sex!" I am like, what in the fuck? Is this kid for fucking real? He goes on to tell me he has six different chicks on call and regularly bangs two at a time. I tell him to prove it.

After making a three calls there are three college freshmen girls ringing the door bell. He tells them to to make out and they do! What the fuck? Have things really changed that much?

After some more discussion he tells me about a site called Dare Dorm where he learned his techniques and some guidelines on how to treat chicks in order to get them to do anything you want. I go to the site and I am amazed. These bitches will do anything for some free liquor!

Dare Dorm is college porn to the max. The coeds get paid up to $10K for a featured video. Less for pics and a lot less for grainy crap. With most cell phones shooting at 720p or more these days even the most basic videos look better than some porn sites are putting out with professional grade cameras!

While new content is sent in daily, only the best makes the cut and every two weeks the good stuff is edited into an eye-popping college porn video.

With a year already under their belt the archive has plenty for you to see. This is the future of Internet porn right here. Young hotties, real situations, spontaneity and lots and lots of teenage, barely legal flesh!

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If there is one thing you can always count on it is that the girls of In The VIP are always cock-hungry skanks. It doesn’t even matter if you fill every one of their orifices with two cocks, they still want more!

Only at In The VIP can you delve into the world behind the beaded curtains. They follow girls in night clubs around the Miami area and on occasion a club quite possibly near you. These cum thirsty girls are well trained to smoke that sausage if they want to keep the liquor flowing!


With your In the VIP password you get unlimited access to the Reality Kings network. Sites like MILF Next Door, Money Talks and Saturday Night Latinas keep the party going and others like MILF Hunter, Big Naturals and We Live Together wrote the book on reality porn!

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Before college Ivy and Melanie shared just about anything and everything two hot teens could share with each other. They both popped each others hymens so that boys wouldn’t call them prudes for being virgins, they both gave each other their first orgasm and now they are ready to share a boy together!

Teen BFF seeks out teen girls that are willing to do their first threesome on camera. These girls are used to having sex with one another, but doing it on camera? That is where the giggling begins!

Neither girl was giggling for long once that hard cock came out to greet them. I guess there isn’t a lot you can say when you have eight inches of man meat in your little teen mouth.

As a Teen BFF member you also get access to 18 Years Old and Jurassic Cock. The Porn Pros network is always growing and they try to add one new site a month. Sites cover a variety of niches like Freaks of Cock and 40 oz Bounce.

Don’t join another site until you have experienced what the Porn Pros have lined up for you!

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chick fights are the best

So I am doing the Internet equivelent of flipping through the channels and come across Queen of the Hood. It has tons and tons of videos of chicks fighting!

I don’t know about you, but I have always enjoyed watching girls duke it out. Even when they are at their meanest they are still chicks and that is hot. Plus, there is the whole thing about how they like to strip each other down!

Queen of the Hood is part of a larger network of sites that are both shocking and red-hot amazing!

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Both the riddle and its solution are ages old and well known by just about every hot blooded male in the world. What can be better than a hottie with sweet tits and a tight snatch? Two of them at the same time!

Obsessed With Myself receives submissions from over achieving Casanova’s and puts them on display for you. It is a beautiful time to be alive, my friend. We all know the hottest part of Hustler magazine is the Beaver Hunt section. Previously the only way to wet your whistle on these kinds of candid photos was a 2 to 4 page section in the back of a monthly magazine!

With Obsessed With Myself you get access to new updates several times a week. The entire archive is made up of homemade videos, candid photos, Spring Break photos and videos, and much, much more!

Grab your pass and enjoy watching these two go down on each other. One of the best parts of Obsessed With Myself is the photo series. You don’t just get one candid, you get the entire session and let me tell you, that girl on top has one long tongue!

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College Teens are the best. The girls get drunk and horny and forget where they are at. The guys have no qualms about fucking their coed slut girlfriends right in front of the entire party.

This girl is probably going to wish she had passed on this party. She didn’t know she was going to be video taped with her legs up in the air while being stuffed with hard cock. She didn’t know her Aunts, Uncles, Cousins and Grandparents would find out about her bisexual ways. How could she? She was drunk!

So now you can watch her taking the cock and sucking on her friends tits for free. Grab a College Teens pass and if you decide to stay, you get access to the entire Porn Pros network. Sites like 18 Years Old will have you wondering if the local community college has a class schedule that works for you!

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blonde coed

I went to college to get a degree and hopefully use it to obtain a decent job that had medical benefits and a 401K. While there I learned that you can make money reviewing porn sites. A lot of money. After giving it some thought I dropped out and started writing blogs fulltime.

One of the things I miss about college is the young, impressionable girls! So many hotties without a clue and all it takes is a little alcohol and you can bang two of them at the same time!

The Dare Dorm didn’t exist during my stint in college. I wish it did because I could have really used the money back then. The Dare Dorm is available to your now. $10K paid if they like your video. Fuck scholarships and all of that jazz. Just get some babes drunk and borrow a decent video camera. You’ll be paying off those student loans in no time!

So in this episode the girls are playing beer pong. Drunk beer pong. The losers have to suck down beer and a body part of the winners choosing. Being college beer pong the teams are coed and the girls don’t mind a little coed kissing and going down on each other!

Every week is bombarded with videos. Uncut and uncensored videos of what goes on behind closed dorm room doors. But, this is a competition first, so the videos are getting crazier and crazier as coeds compete for the $10K!

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If there is one thing I learned in college it is that chicks are stupid. Sorry if you are one and you are reading this, but you are. No really. It is like you don’t ever learn a fucking thing. If I wanted to get laid in college I just got a chick drunk and she was ready to give it up. And no matter how badly she hated herself in the morning, the next night she was out getting drunk and laid again!

Crazy Club Chicks follows these college coed babes around at clubs all over the USA and Mexico. You get to see stupid chicks doing stupidly hawt things.

Take the blonde above for example. Crazy Club Chicks found this fluzzy getting drunk in a club and offered to buy her more drinks. Pretty soon she was drinking from the bottle and taking off her top. Then the spontaneous slut strips completely naked and starts banging herself!

The girls at Crazy Club Chicks are horny bitches. The kind of girls that kiss and then go lesbo on each other! Of course if there is a cock within ten feet of them they have to suck and then fuck it. Making these some tasty looking hardcore videos!

As a member of Crazy Club Chicks you get access to all of their other sites. Sure, some of their other sites are crap. Actually, out of the 135 only 35 or so are good. Like Crazy Club Chicks they are premium sites with exclusive content.

It is because of those 35 sites this password is well worth the price of admission!

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It is a rare occasion when a site nails down a name so well as the folks at Drunk Attention Whores have done. The site focuses on coeds that become total sluts once you add alcohol. The kind of slut that wants all of the attention no matter how skanky it makes her look.

Granted, not all of the girls are in situation where they look like total skanks. The girls above actually look quite hot. Who wouldn’t want to Jello wrestle these two hotties?

The majority of the content at Drunk Attention Whores contains coeds that have surpassed their personal limit for alcohol consumption. These girls are at the point where shame fades away and anything goes.

Drunk Attention Whores is part of a three site network. Each site contains candid photos, as well as, self shot content. There are as many as eight updates a week across the board.

The sites have a growing archive of homemade (or dorm room made) porn that is plenty worth the price of admission. Take the recurring option and get each site for less than $9 each. Then cancel and your membership will still be good until the end of the month.

Happy stroking!

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college party

There come a time in every girls life (that goes to college) when she will take the high school peer pressure and mix it with alcohol. What ensues is some of the raunchiest girl on girl action with a blowjob suck-off to end the night.

At Dare Dorm you can video tape these wild adventures and get paid a whopping $10K for your endeavors. You can also plunk down a small amount of cash and watch everyone else’s Dare Dorm romps. New videos are posted weekly.

Some of the coed nastiness crews get hooked on their becoming instant Internet celebrities and send in multiple videos. With videos coming in from all over the US you don’t get bored. Watch as dumbass bitches make naked snow angels on the East Coast, while on the West coast more drunk ass bitches are playing slip and slide in the Dare Dorm hallway in nothing but skimpy panties.

No matter if it is strip beer pong or strip poker, these drunk skanks are mighty entertaining to watch!

Bowl legged Whores
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