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This reminds me of my high school and military days, the Formula to getting pussy: Find location and have party, invite girls you want to bang and tell them it is free, get lots of liquor, get those girls to drink said liquor.  Trashed Girlfriends, now you get the pussy.  There are good and bad things about this strategy, good you get to bang a sweet little tattooed chick like this one, the bad is you also have to bang that thing next to her.

Now this formula is meant for guys who are a little on the shy side or look like the elephant man.  Chicks always trust these type of guys, because you are so sweet.  The good thing is when they get drunk they look to you as long as Troy the quarterback for the football team isn’t there, note to self, do not invite Troy from the football team to the party.  So now you are cleared to have fun with your very sexy Trashed Girlfriends.

Now for my shy friends, once you get over the shyness you are allowed to take out the words free to the girls you want to bang, they are now willing to bring the liquor because the want to bang you too and this is their excuse.  Trashed Girlfriends now get to say oh my god I can’t believe I hooked up with ?, I was so trashed.  Now for my Elephant Man friends, please get a great job and make a lot of money, you will need it.  Also, don’t use a condom, impregnate the world and take vengeance by filling the world with people as ugly as you. 

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