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College Teens are the best. The girls get drunk and horny and forget where they are at. The guys have no qualms about fucking their coed slut girlfriends right in front of the entire party.

This girl is probably going to wish she had passed on this party. She didn’t know she was going to be video taped with her legs up in the air while being stuffed with hard cock. She didn’t know her Aunts, Uncles, Cousins and Grandparents would find out about her bisexual ways. How could she? She was drunk!

So now you can watch her taking the cock and sucking on her friends tits for free. Grab a College Teens pass and if you decide to stay, you get access to the entire Porn Pros network. Sites like 18 Years Old will have you wondering if the local community college has a class schedule that works for you!

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Like most girls lacking a strong father figure, this high school sweet heart turned college lover listened to her boyfriend no matter what. He needed some cash for a sack of weed and some beer money for the weekend, only, he didn’t want to get a job. So she hooked for him as he watched!

He mistakenly thought it would be easy. He listened to hip hop and idolized Eminem. What he didn’t know is, being a true pimp isn’t as easy as it looks… especially if you are used to banging the girl you are prostituting out.

At Sell Your GF you get an inside look at what goes on as college kids try to make it on their own. The boys turn into hustlers and the girls turn into sluts. Hey, they have to make it some how and what better way then to make teen sex videos?!?!

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College can be a wild time for young people. No parents to tie you down and everyone is just… so cool!

One of the coolest parts of college life is the crazy parties. The good people at College Fuck Fest are well known for preserving these crazy parties for all eternity. Having them show up at your party is like saying you have arrived. You are not one of those boring stiffs that will eventually grow up to become a boring office worker. No, you will go somewhere and surely prosper!

College Fuck Fest travels the USA and Canada looking for wild college parties. They score enough footage to add a new episode every week.

In addition to the college sex parties you also get access to their entire network. Tons of niches, tons of sites and all of them just as fap-tastic as College Fuck Fest!

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Misty. The most perfect name in the whole wide world. If you are a stripper. Or a prostitute.

OK, perhaps I am being a bit judgmental here. I am sure the Misty in the gallery above is a nice girl, coming from a nice background and has nothing but the sky to shoot for… Or her eyeball. To be honest I wouldn’t mind shooting my load right into this little bitches eyeball!

Me and My GFs was created a by a guy who also felt the same way I do about girls named… Misty. He also wanted to shoot his nug right into her eyeball. The only difference between me and this guy is that he actually got the chance to do it!

Being a nice guy, Jack is letting you in on all of the action. For only a buck you can sample along with the other sites in the network. These sites include College Fuck Fest so you know this guy is doing something right!

Grab a pass and a Fleshlight and enjoy hundreds of amateur porn videos, along with thousands of produced ones!

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blonde coed

I went to college to get a degree and hopefully use it to obtain a decent job that had medical benefits and a 401K. While there I learned that you can make money reviewing porn sites. A lot of money. After giving it some thought I dropped out and started writing blogs fulltime.

One of the things I miss about college is the young, impressionable girls! So many hotties without a clue and all it takes is a little alcohol and you can bang two of them at the same time!

The Dare Dorm didn’t exist during my stint in college. I wish it did because I could have really used the money back then. The Dare Dorm is available to your now. $10K paid if they like your video. Fuck scholarships and all of that jazz. Just get some babes drunk and borrow a decent video camera. You’ll be paying off those student loans in no time!

So in this episode the girls are playing beer pong. Drunk beer pong. The losers have to suck down beer and a body part of the winners choosing. Being college beer pong the teams are coed and the girls don’t mind a little coed kissing and going down on each other!

Every week is bombarded with videos. Uncut and uncensored videos of what goes on behind closed dorm room doors. But, this is a competition first, so the videos are getting crazier and crazier as coeds compete for the $10K!

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If there is one thing I learned in college it is that chicks are stupid. Sorry if you are one and you are reading this, but you are. No really. It is like you don’t ever learn a fucking thing. If I wanted to get laid in college I just got a chick drunk and she was ready to give it up. And no matter how badly she hated herself in the morning, the next night she was out getting drunk and laid again!

Crazy Club Chicks follows these college coed babes around at clubs all over the USA and Mexico. You get to see stupid chicks doing stupidly hawt things.

Take the blonde above for example. Crazy Club Chicks found this fluzzy getting drunk in a club and offered to buy her more drinks. Pretty soon she was drinking from the bottle and taking off her top. Then the spontaneous slut strips completely naked and starts banging herself!

The girls at Crazy Club Chicks are horny bitches. The kind of girls that kiss and then go lesbo on each other! Of course if there is a cock within ten feet of them they have to suck and then fuck it. Making these some tasty looking hardcore videos!

As a member of Crazy Club Chicks you get access to all of their other sites. Sure, some of their other sites are crap. Actually, out of the 135 only 35 or so are good. Like Crazy Club Chicks they are premium sites with exclusive content.

It is because of those 35 sites this password is well worth the price of admission!

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I’ve got this buddy of mine named Brian. He swears beer pong is just a fad and that any day now the tournaments will end and the tables will end up in the 99 cent bin at Big Lots. Any day now… yeah… right…

He also says that this whole self shot porn thing is also just a fad. He might be right about this one. That is why you should enjoy this new fad while it is still here.

What is it exactly? Well, using the word exactly isn’t a good idea because it encompasses several niches. First, you take the old, tried and true stuff like candids, whether they are beach candids or just coed party shots and then you splice in pornography shot by the girls themselves.

That last part usually consists of sexting. Which is porn shot by the girls and sent as a text picture attachment to their boyfriends. Girls always see their boyfriends as being a lot more gentlemanly than they really are. So the pics usually end up on the Internet…

That is where Obsessed With Myself comes in. These guys collect all of these pics and make them available in one convenient location. Convenient, an important part of the whole equation. You could probably see a lot of this stuff by surfing the net for free. However, it would take months of surfing to track this shit down. Why waste all of your time doing that when these guys have it all in one spot and you can try it for FREE?

Now that Obsessed With Myself is growing in popularity, along with the entire niche, the girls are submitting the pics and videos themselves! They send so much porn in that frequently has to close the submit page so they can catch up!

As a member you also get access to their hacked Myspace, hacked Facebook and hacked Photobucket accounts. These are pics the girls never intended anyone to see. Obsessed With Myself employed a little known trick to get inside these accounts via a backdoor and are making the treasures inside available to the entire world.

I love these guys!

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college party

There come a time in every girls life (that goes to college) when she will take the high school peer pressure and mix it with alcohol. What ensues is some of the raunchiest girl on girl action with a blowjob suck-off to end the night.

At Dare Dorm you can video tape these wild adventures and get paid a whopping $10K for your endeavors. You can also plunk down a small amount of cash and watch everyone else’s Dare Dorm romps. New videos are posted weekly.

Some of the coed nastiness crews get hooked on their becoming instant Internet celebrities and send in multiple videos. With videos coming in from all over the US you don’t get bored. Watch as dumbass bitches make naked snow angels on the East Coast, while on the West coast more drunk ass bitches are playing slip and slide in the Dare Dorm hallway in nothing but skimpy panties.

No matter if it is strip beer pong or strip poker, these drunk skanks are mighty entertaining to watch!

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This whole recession thing sucks and the shittiest part about it is the girls of our society are the ones getting left behind. The boys over at Coeds Need Cash have figure out a plan so don’t get your panties in a bind. They are going to help these girls pay their tuition and graduate sperma cum swallow’a.

The coed above is showing off her new found ability to swallow cum. The videos are just about as graphic as they get. Just how we like em!

All of the videos at Coeds Need Cash are shot in high definition and they are all 100% exclusive. They don’t use licensed crap content and they don’t jerk you around. is part of the Reality Pass Plus network. As a member you get access to all of their teen sites like Casting Couch Teens, ” rel=”nofollow” “/” target=”_blank”>Teeny Bopper Club, Big Cock Teen Addiction, plus you get all of their other sites like Mr Big Dicks Hot Chicks, Please Bang My Wife, XXX Proposal and dozens more. All shot 100% exclusive!

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So… You  and your girlfriend met another chick at the club and your girlfriend got a bit drunk and decided to invite the other girl home… Only, in the car the girls started getting hot on each other and there is nobody else out on the road so you can fuck them both right now or… Let your girlfriend come out of her drunken daze and accuse you of being the one that invited this other girl along!

So… You fuck the shit out of both of them, making sure to get it all on film right after you get the pics of your girlfriend kissing and groping the other girls boobs!

You, my friend, are an animal!

Now you have a dilemma. As the saying goes, “If you don’t have pics, it didn’t happen!”

Well.. You do have pics… But nobody is seeing them…

So… You go to Watch My GF and upload the pics and get paid in the process. The only thing that would have made this deal any sweeter is if you had gotten some video too… They pay more for that!

If you don’t have such a loose girlfriend or don’t have a girlfriend at all you can borrow everyone else’s bitch at Watch My GF. They have daily updates and they even have a section where they upload pics from cracked Myspace, Facebook, Photobucket, etc accounts!

Some of this amateur shit is hilarious and the rest of it is just plain sexy as hell!

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Burger, fries and a cock. Don’t bother her, she’s blowing!

Money Talks goes out onto the streets of Miami and finds women willing to go outside themselves for cash. They shed their clothes and get paid for flashing their snatches in public. Some like Jessi Stone above go even further than that!

Jessi is a waitress at a corner diner and she has a lot of trouble making the ends meet. Like most women in her position she doesn’t make a whole lot of money. No problem. Money Talks has a position for her.

The Money Talks crew started throwing cash at this blonde waitress until she finally broke. Figuratively speaking of course because after she started blowing the camera guy she wasn’t broke anymore!

amateur-sex is part of the Reality Kings network of 28 eye popping sites. Every niche is covered from MILF with MILF Hunter to big tits with Big Naturals. You won’t find a more complete network of sites that updates with fresh content three times a day!

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I have to say, there has never been a better time to be in the kank business. And, Gracie Glam makes for one hot little skank!

She was willing to take cock in every orifice and ended up with a sticky cream pie and a fist full of cash. How? Gracie was crazy enough to take the Bikini Party challenge!

What is the Bikini Party challenge?

The Bikini Party crew puts together a hot set of bikini babes that think they are part of a contest. Well… they are part of a contest! Only not the kind of glamour modeling contest they had in mind.

Girls like Gracie Glam take things to another level once they find out the only way they can score cash at the Bikini Party is by showing off their unique talents in the sack. Hey, why have this contest be any different than Miss America?

Hot babes and skimpy bikinis make this site a winner. Unfortunately there are not many Bikini Party episodes yet. Technically this site hasn’t even opened yet!

Here at Skank Bomb we found a way to experience the site anyway!

Click on a Bikini Party link and it will drop you off at the Reality Kings network. You get 18 amazing porn sites for the price of one. Not only that, you also get sites from the Muffia network too! Just stay a member of Reality Kings and Muffia sites will be added to your membership!

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I bet most of you have never been to a bowling alley that ended up turning into a hardcore party. Where chicks get completely naked and start giving blow jobs and fuck right there on the spot.

That kind of shit only happens when you invite some whores and the guys at know those kind of girls. That is why when ever they get together it turns out just like the picture above.

The cool thing is that if you just happen to be there like the guy above you get some action. If you are like me and are not lucky like that you will just have to get a membership to Hardcore Partying and enjoy the wild sex party from your house.

At least you will not have to worry about your wife finding out you banged some random slut and you get to keep half of your shit. So play it smart and get a membership to today.

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Take one of the world’s craziest celebrations, Mardi Gras, and pair it up with one of the world’s wildest porn sites, College Fuck Fest, and you have the trappings of something truly amazing to watch!

Girls get pretty loose at Mardi Gras, after all, they lose their shirts for a string of beads. When you add in the horny mother fuckers from College Fuck Fest they do more than just show their tits. They blow cock, do it doggystyle and once in a while they do each other too!


College Fuck Fest has been following chicks at Frat parties for years. They have been featured in conservative mainstream media like CNN and in liberal media like Howard Stern, FHM, Maxim and more. You don’t get this many people talking about you because you suck.

Well, make that, the guys running the show don’t suck. The girls do however, as you can see above. They suck, fuck, take it anal, lick each other. You name it, they do it. Anything to become famous!

Every week a new party is added and each of the videos is broken down into smaller clips. That doesn’t mean you cannot download it in its entirety if you so choose. Videos are available in a variety of formats to play on a variety of devices including an iPhone.

As a member of College Fuck Fest you also get access to the entire line of sites these guys run. While College Fuck Fest is an unscripted cock blowing, barrel of fun the other sites feature more true reality and some honest to goodness, old fashioned porn.

Grab a College Fuck Fest pass and see what all of the hoopla is about!

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When was the last time you had your cock blown by some random drunk bitch wearing lip gloss? I have to say, for some fucking reason lip gloss makes a blowjob fee like uncut heroin!

OK, she doesn’t even need to be a random chick. If you are a pops and you have Father’s Day coming up I highly suggest you request a blowjob from the wife with lip gloss. If you are dating some chick, good for you! Now get her some lip gloss. And if you don’t have anyone to give you that explosive lip gloss blowjob?

There are always the girls at In The VIP!

In The VIP follows hot babes in VIP rooms around the USA. They peek their cameras into the room and capture what is going on behind the curtains.

Everything from orgies to girls kissing is happening in the VIP room. If you don’t have some rich friends with expensive taste in women you can always bum a spot with the Reality Kings.

These guys have been making kickass porn since 2001. They started by making MILF a household term with MILF Hunter and continued that fine tradition with sites like In The VIP, MILF Nextdoor, VIP Crew, Mike in Brazil, Mikes Apartment, 8th Street Latinas and one of their newest, Saturday Night Latinas.

Don’t have a big latin ass to hold on to this Saturday Night? Let the Reality Kings bring a handful of them to your computer!

As a member of In The VIP you get access to the above mentioned sites along with a total of 26 others. With so many fucking sites you get to enjoy daily updates. Imagine that! Everyday you get home from work there is new high definition porn waiting for you!

Now if we can just get the computer to make dinner…

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